Toy Review: Wreck-it Ralph Breaks the Internet Disney Princess and Frozen Character Dolls

Disclaimer: Hasbro has kindly gifted these toys to us. Thank you, Hasbro!

*Please note: All views expressed are those of myself and my daughter.

My daughter is crazy about Disney Princesses and Frozen characters if you couldn’t tell by her photo, but she comes by it honestly; I too loved Disney princesses as a girl.

Abby with her princesses

So needless to say, we were both beyond excited when Hasbro sent us a box full of Disney Princesses and Frozen characters from Wreck-It Ralph Breaks The Internet. She absolutely could not wait to open it up!

Until recently my family had not seen Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph movies, but this changed when Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet came to Nextflix. Now I think we’ve viewed it at least ten times! Both of my kids like the movie, but I think Abby loves it just for the princess scenes. I thought the scene where Vanelope introduces the princesses to leisurewear is great- and Cinderella’s mice did a pretty fantastic job creating their new outfits.

Opening the box

Abby squealed when we opened the box for the first time and she saw the new dolls. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever seen her so excited. She could barely stand the wait while I took photographs!

The box contained fourteen dolls: Pocahontas, Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Aurora, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, Mulan, Moana, Snow White, Belle, and Merida.

My opinion

I think the dolls are great. My favorites are Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella, mainly because they were the heroines of my favorite Disney movies growing up.

They all have fun and comfortable looking outfits, each of which has some sort of cute picture or humorous phrase related to their movies. For instance, Moana’s orange top says, “#shiny” and has Tamatoa the crab on it. Many of the outfits showcase the personality of the individual princesses- Tiana is a no-nonsense kind of girl, happy to be creating amazing food in her restaurant and her outfit reflects that; in her movie, Merida doesn’t like to wear the uncomfortable dress her mother wants her to wear and she is dressed in a casual costume; Moana looks like she would be at home on the beach.

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I love Tiana’s beautiful natural hair, Merida’s wild red curls, and Pocohantas’ long dark locks.

Some of them have fun accessories, like Ariel’s starfish barrette, and they all come with a drink or snack that they can hold.

As a mom, I appreciate that the dolls do not have unnatural, overly-feminine shapes. While their bodily proportions are not close to a normal young woman, they are less overtly sexualized than Barbie. Some of their heads are just about as wide as their shoulders, but I suppose they look close to their illustrated forms. I also appreciate that the dolls are in casual clothing that is cute but still modest.

I do not like that Moana has a heavier build and thicker body than the other dolls, it makes her stand out from the others. I also do not care for some of the dolls’ expressions, Rapunzel looks embarrassed and uncomfortable, Snow White looks surprised, Pocohantas is very somber, and Tiana looks like she has a forced smile.

Opening the packaging was a laborious process, as each doll and accessory was held in position with multiple miniature rubber bands. The dolls’ heads were also held in place by plastic which had to be cut, leaving 2 pointy pieces of plastic in the back of their heads. It was hard to cut the plastic so that it would be flush with the plastic of their heads and not cut the dolls’ hair. If you were attempting to open the packages on Christmas morning or during a birthday party it would be difficult to do it quickly with an excited child waiting.

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Photos of the friends having fun

My daughter’s opinion

Abby loves each of the dolls. She had to take all fourteen together to grandma’s house the first day she was able to play with them.

She already had two Rapunzel dolls (Tangled was the first Disney movie she really latched onto) but loves that this Rapunzel has a purple hoodie that has a hole in the back her hair can fit through and that her matching capri pants have the royal golden sun symbol of her family.

She was not as familiar with some of the dolls from stories from my childhood, like Pocahantas, Jasmine, Mulan, and Belle, but has since become interested in their movies and even wanted to wear Belle’s ball gown for her Halloween costume.

Abby playing with the dolls first thing in the morning. No time for breakfast, Mom!

Final thoughts

I think Hasbro’s Wreck-It Ralph Disney princess and Frozen character dolls are fun and great for young girls. If you are looking for a Christmas or birthday gift, these would be perfect.

Visit the Hasbro website to find these toys, as well as many other fun toys.

You can find the two-doll sets here and the fourteen-doll Ultimate Multi-pack here on Amazon.

Many thanks to Hasbro for kindly gifting these toys to our family!

What do you think of these dolls? Let me know your opinion in the comments!


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  1. Unwanted Life says:

    It’s been a long time since I was excited opening something, but not as long as the last time I got a doll. That doll was Chucky from the Bride of Chucky. Love that doll, and still have it more than a decade later

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