As Time Goes By

Photo: Marjorie Bertrand/Unsplash

Yesterday my mom asked me to look to see if I had a group photograph of my grandmother and her seven daughters taken at my grandmother’s seventy-ninth birthday party several years ago.  My grandmother needed a photo for a craft project they would soon be doing in the nursing home and when my mother took the photo she had out of her picture frame the photo tore.  So after Abby went to bed I turned on my laptop to see if I could the photograph she requested.  I looked through several years of photos but was unable to find any from the party.  

I spent about an hour looking at numerous other photographs on my computer: pictures of my neices and nephews throughout the years, weddings, parties, road trips, concerts, holidays, and vacations gone by.  I spent the most time looking at photos and videos from Abby’s birth through when bought my new cell phone about four months ago.  

Where does the time go?  How do we not notice it passing until it is gone?  How does it seem to pass so quickly?

I can’t believe how little Abby used to be.  She has changed so much; gotten so big so quickly.  When she was born she was just a teeny-tiny adorable little thing with big black tufts of hair.  Now she is a wild, silly, funny little nymph who dances around the house and points out letters she knows on signs or on TV.  She amazes me each day with something new that she can do or say.

That video of her rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, that couldn’t have been that long ago.  Oh, look, her first steps!  Geez, was that really in June of last year.  Awww, her crazy dance to Katy Perry music- was that really over six months ago?  What?  

I can’t believe that my little girl won’t be a little girl for too much longer.   I realized that I need to take more videos and more photos, but I also need to take more time to get down and play, snuggle, and just be present with her.  Soon it won’t be just her anymore, there will be another little one in our family.  I want to enjoy every moment because in the blink of an eye she will be big.

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