Weekend Recap


Our family had a pretty busy weekend.  We did a lot but didn’t get to do as much as we’d hoped.

I was wanting to go to see Avengers: Endgame but we didn’t get a chance.  I have been trying to stay offline as much as possible so that I don’t read any spoilers.

Saturday my husband worked in the morning and I stayed home with the kids.  Our morning was filled with all of the wonderful fun one can imagine:  PJ Masks figurines being thrown in the toilet by my son, kids crying because they were denied a snack, all of the laundry I folded being unfolded repeatedly, me saying, “stop that, you’re going to get hurt,” and then one of the kids immediately getting hurt or “leave your [brother/sister] alone,” five zillion times.


When my husband arrived home he took my daughter to the park and Oscar and I took a nap, which was wonderful.

My mom came to visit after work and it was nice to visit with her.  She only stayed for a little while because my dad’s fire department was having their “Christmas” party (pretty late, I know.)  She sent me a text message later with a photo of a bird perched on top of one of the chairs in her dining room; somehow a bird got in the house while she was at work.  Luckily she was able to chase it outside and it did not poop all over the house.

Later Saturday evening we took the kids to a free carnival at the local university.  It was a bit chilly so we didn’t stay for more than an hour.

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Immediately my son was taken with the big yellow tube man blowing in the wind, so we had to look at it several times.


Abby had tons of fun in a bounce house maze. She had tried a similar one last year at the county fair and was too small to climb up the incline. This time she disappeared into the bounce house maze and I didn’t see her climb up the incline to slide down the other side.

I started to worry that she’d gotten hurt or a bigger kid had maybe stepped on her. The motor that kept the maze inflated was making so much noise that I couldn’t hear anyone inside. Finally, she made her way through, up, and down the slide to the end. When I asked her why it took so long she said, “Well, I was having trouble getting through and I sat down and called for help, but nobody came. Then I got back up and just went through!”

We waited in line so Abby could try rolling in one of the big inflatable balls.  She couldn’t make it move by herself since she is so small, but my husband helped her go down the little track and back.  It reminded me of when my sister had a hamster, Trixie, growing up. She used to put her inside a clear pink ball and Trixie would roll all around the house.   

Next, she wanted to try jumping on the bungee trampoline thing. She was a little small for it but had a few good jumps. She had a blast all the same.

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Oscar was very pissed that he didn’t get to try the bouncy maze or the big ball, so he and I walked around, mainly looking at the yellow tube man.







Later, my daughter wanted to eat at IHOP.  Immediately after being seated I began to regret my life choices.  Oscar was throwing crayons and paper on the floor, Abby had to pee every five minutes and opened the bathroom stall twice while I was using the restroom… yep, that is why we don’t eat out at a restaurant ever.  It should be fun again in 18 years or so from now.

“Remember when we used to come here and have conversations?” I asked my husband.  “We still have conversations,” he countered, “But now they are ‘no, put that down,’ ‘quit licking the table,’ ‘or stop talking about poop in public.'”  I guess that’s true.

Sunday after Oscar had a nap we went to the mall and looked at all of the seasonal plants and flowers for sale.  The kids enjoyed seeing the flowers and nothing was broken and required being paid for, so it was a win-win situation.



After the mall, we made a trip to Walmart.  We stocked up on groceries and Abby found the cake she wants for her birthday:


She thought it would be perfect to go with the princess theme she has decided on for her party.  I told her I would make a unicorn cake because I am sure not paying an unbelievable $58.00 for a yucky Walmart cake.


After anxiously waiting all day, the kids went to bed and my husband and I could watch Game of Thrones.  Our viewing was extra dramatic because we were treated to a very loud thunderstorm and lots of rain.  Surprisingly, the kids did not wake up from all the noise from the TV or thunderstorm.

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I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but in many ways, the episode did not end how I expected it to.  I am glad that most of my favorite characters did not die in the battle against the White Walkers; there was one character I was sad to see expire though.

So how was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?  I’d love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. bournemouthgirl says:

    That is an expensive cake 😩 definitely could make it cheaper and it will be fresh too.
    Looks like you had a lovely time. When I was younger I loved all the bouncy castle type things (still do😂🙈) xx

  2. M says:

    Wow looks and sounds like one amazing weekend! How lovely of your hubby and mom!! You’re one lucky lady! I wish I had my mom closer! Xx

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