Too Much to do, Too Little Time

I always keep the door to my bedroom shut. This is because my room is a mess. While, most of the time, my house is generally in order, at any given moment my bedroom is a mess.

My dresser has piles of stuff on top: jewelry, photos needing placed in albums, hair ties, random junk from when I switched purses, my daughter’s drawings, and who knows what else. There is a laundry basket that is perpetually full and never gets put away. My closet is stuffed full of clothes that I am currently too fat to wear. The Pack ‘n Play next to the bed is holding sheets and a comforter that needs folding, but will probably stay there until I change my sheets for washing this weekend.

I don’t like it this way. It bothers me to no end. Organizing the chaos is always at the top of my to-do list… it just never gets done.

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It never gets done because unloading the dishwasher or doing laundry for the family is more important. Making sure the kids are clean and fed is more important. Spending time with my husband is more important. Sleeping is more important. But it makes me feel like crap because it never gets taken care of.

There are so many other things that I need or want to do that never get done: pluck my eyebrows, dye my hair, clean out the fridge, go through the kids’ drawers to pull out everything they have outgrown, update my resume, call my sister, wash the curtains, read a book, take a walk, get out the fall/winter clothes and put away summer clothes, meal prep, balance my checkbook, wash the car, on and on. There is too much shit to do and not enough time in the day to do it.

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Some of this stems from my children being small and requiring constant attention, so there is less time to devote to other things, but damn. How do other people do it? Is it really possible to stay on top of it all? I look around at other mamas and don’t see them struggling. Maybe like me, they just shut the door on it and promise to take care of it later, maybe they power through and get it all done like Super Mom. I don’t know.


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