Tips for Traveling With a Baby


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My husband and I recently took our first roadtrip with the baby.  I had a vision of Abby screaming for four hours until we reached our destination, but actually it went surprisingly well- I think mostly because I had tried to think ahead and strategize how to solve potential problems before they could happen.

1. Travel during bedtime
Travel while they are used to sleeping, that way they are able to sleep in the car and you don’t have to entertain them as much.

2. Bring snacks
Have snacks handy so that when you don’t have the time or ability to stop for a real meal or to breastfeed they have something to hold them over.

3. Have different toys
After a while even favorite toys get boring.  I made three different groups of toys so that after the first group was played with for a couple hours I could change them out for something new, then had others for the ride home.

4. Stop often
It is not always easy to stop often when traveling,  but try to stop as time permits to break up lengthy periods of time in the car.  Even a walk around a convenience store can help.

5. Change seats
Changing who sits next to the baby can keep the baby entertained and also help alleviate your own boredom.

6. Prepare for messes
Spilled sippy cups, unexpected spit ups, and other snafus can make the car a mess.  I made sure to put some baby wipes, a roll of paper towels,  Kleenex,  and plastic shopping bags within reach to be able to quickly clean up.

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7. Bring books
Soft books or board books to look at can help keep the little one occupied.

We have another long car trip again next weekend so I am gearing up for that.  What are your tips for traveling with a baby?


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