The Zenspiraton Box: Subscription Box Review #5

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As I was researching subscription boxes, the description of The Zenspiration Box caught my eye and immediately sparked my interest. Founded by April Cacciatori, LMT, BMC, this box for women is designed to help coach and inspire personal growth, practice gratitude, and promote emotional and physical well-being, and empowerment.

Your monthly box will feature 5-7 specially selected surprises that remind you to practice self-love, nourishing your soul, and quenching the thirst of your curiosity. All the enclosed gifts are the trail markers of your journey into your heart, propelling that crucial step into Action. 

 Each item is curated to spark your creative process. Challenges, action steps, how to align, balance, step out of your status quo, and into your brilliance!

All of the reviews I had read for Zenspiration Boxes had been very positive and it seemed like a great box for women.

For the past few months, I have been on a journey to live more mindfully, make more time for self-care, and to open myself up to new ideas and inspiration wherever I may find them. The Zenspiration Box seemed like a perfect match for me and I was eager to review it.

I was kindly gifted the December box. My box arrived very quickly and everything inside was packaged neatly and with great care. I love the anticipation of opening a box and exploring the items inside.

Inside the box were the following items: a star-shaped Christmas ornament, a package of paisley-themed notecards, a string of battery-powered LED lights, a 2020 desk calendar, a bracelet, a Vera Bradley coloring book, Kneipp eucalyptus bath oil, and a copy of Leon Logothetis’ book Live, Love, Explore.


Month to month – $49.95 a month.

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3 months prepay – $140.00.

6 months prepay – $240.00 a month.

12 months prepay – $450.00 a month.

My thoughts

While I enjoyed the individual items, this month’s box didn’t seem to have an overtly obvious theme.

I was excited to see Live, Love, Explore, as it has been on my list of books to read.

I love paisley prints, but the cards were a little blase for my taste. I do love keeping blank notecards on hand and always find them a useful item that can be used in many ways.

The desk calendar was a nice addition and will be useful and enjoyed for the whole year. The size is just perfect for my desk.

The Vera Bradley coloring book was a nice surprise. I enjoy coloring not only because it is fun, but I also find it a very meditative activity.

I enjoyed using the Kneipp eucalyptus bath oil, especially because I came down with a cold over Christmas and the eucalyptus scent combined with the steam from a hot bath helped my congestion.

The star ornament was cute and I hung it on my Christmas tree, but it was not an item I would have bought for myself.

I wanted to use the LED lights to wind around my daughter’s headboard because she often remarks that she would like more light in her room at night and I thought it would look pretty. Unfortunately, the lights did not work when I added batteries. I asked my husband, the more knowledgeable technical and engineering-minded member of our family, and he said that the problem was a broken contact that would require soldering to make the lights work.

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My absolute favorite item was the metal cuff bracelet, which featured elephants scrolled across the top. Elephants are one of my favorite animals and I really enjoy this bracelet.

Overall, I would give the box 3.5 stars out of five. I think the Zenspiration Box has great potential to be helpful to its subscribers in many ways but fell a little short, at least with the December edition.

The broken item was a disappointment and I felt like the box was just missing a common underlying theme or another item that may have been a little more inspirational or more geared towards personal growth and development.

I would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to Zenspiration Boxes for kindly gifting and allowing me to review their subscription box.

Check out the Zenspiration Box website or on Crate Joy at

Have you tried The Zenspiration Box? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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