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The Teavana Starter Kit

When my sister told me she had mailed my birthday present and it is, “one of my favorite things in the whole world,” I was intrigued, especially because my sister always finds the best gifts.  After excitedly waiting, yesterday I received my gift and it is pretty awesome. 

She sent me the Teavana Starter Kit and four loose teas: Raspberry Limeaide herbal tea infusion, Caramel Chai flavored roobios, Caramel Sea Salt flavored tea blend, and Caramel Almond Ammareti herbal tea infusion.   The starter kit includes a Teavana 16 oz Perfectea Maker, 1lb Perfectea rock sugar, and a gray Teavana tea tin. 

This morning I decided to try the Caramel Almond Ammareti herbal tea. tea.  According to the package this tea is made of apple pieces, cinnamon, coconut chips, beetroot pieces, and artificial flavoring.  When I open the package I am surrounded by an incredible scent.  It smells like a delicious treat from a bakery and looks like a yummy snack mix.  Most teas I have seen look like an unidentifiable mixture of small pieces; this tea is full of large chunks of ingredients I can easily identify. 

I placed a spoonful of tea and a chunk of sugar into the basin of the Perfectea maker and then poured hot water on top.  As the tea began to steep, a pretty pink color bloomed.  In a few minutes it was ready to go.  With the Perfectea Maker you just place the maker on top of your teacup or mug and the gravity plate on the under side opens up to let the brewed tea pour into the cup.  When the Maker is lifted off of the cup the flow of tea is stopped.  All tea leaves or fruit and herb pieces remain in the maker. After trying the Perfectea Maker I must say I like it much more than using a ball for my loose tea.

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The flavor of the Caramel Almond Ammareti tea is almost like a nutty cinnamon roll but with soft notes of coconut and caramel.  Delicious!  The perfect flavor for a rainy day and a good book.  I am excited to try the others!

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