The Little Things


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 This morning as I drank my coffee I was reflecting on a small sign on my bookshelf.  It says, Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realize they were the big things. 

I believe this saying and have always found it to be true.   We don’t need big orchestrated vacations.  We don’t need a big fancy house.  We don’t need lots of possessions.   We don’t need the latest and greatest technology.  It is the little things that make us happy.  It is the little things that matter.

Yesterday I had a nap and it was glorious.  This was the first real nap I have had in the eight months since having baby… perhaps I should clarify,  it was the first real nap over half an hour long without holding the baby while laying in an uncomfortable position on the couch or falling asleep in the chair while watching a TV show with my husband at night.  I had gone home from work early because I had the stomach flu, but still, it was glorious.

After work today I drove to Abby’s babysitter’s house with the windows down, enjoying the feel of the warm spring air and the sound of a U2 song on the radio.  The trees are budding and flowers are blooming.  It was beautiful.

Last night as I nursed Abby she sleepily caressed my arm with her sweet little hand.  She wants to do so much.  She moves a mile a minute and is rarely still.  It was a sweet little moment that won’t be repeated for too much longer.

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My grandma and I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower the year I graduated from high school and I remember thinking that this was one thing that she and I would share forever, an experience that no one else in our family could claim.

Growing up on Sunday nights as a family my mom, stepdad, sister and I would watch The X-Files and Star Trek on TV together.  Those were our shows. That was our weekend ritual.

My grandpa died when I was 17 but before that, I would often go to his house after school.  We would watch TV: usually a baseball game, an old war movie, wrestling, whatever.  Sometimes we would tinker under the hood of his truck in the garage or take a trip to the lumber yard to pick something up.  We spent hours doing nothing,  but we did it together, and that’s what matters.

A few nights ago my husband and I had finally finished a movie that had taken us a few nights to watch between one of us falling asleep or the baby waking up. He tickled me and I fell out of the chair.  We collapsed on the floor, laughing so hard.  We hadn’t had a moment together like that since before the baby.

All these little things really are so big.  I’m sure in time, looking back, we’ll still agree.





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