The Geek Retreat- Come Check Out my Basement

Our basement is a fun place for our family and friends to hang out and watch movies or play games. I jokingly call it the “geek retreat.” In the family room area we have a TV, sound system, and three comfy couches. We also have a bouncy ball pit that the kids love.

I didn’t take any pictures of the TV viewing area because that’s just boring.

The basement also houses my crap craft/painting space/office room and my husband has an office, and there is a spare bedroom.

I wanted to share some of the cool stuff that my husband and I have collected over the years and display in our basement. I apologize in advance for the glare on some of the photos, one of our florescent lights needs replaced and the sunlight was coming through the windows.

I made the two Star Trek themed canvases for my husband’s Christmas gift last December.

We have most of the autographs and some artwork from celebrities we have met at Comic-Cons on one wall.

There is some fun prints and a signed Star Trek poster- it is signed by all the original cast except for Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg. I hope to complete it someday!

My husband puts together models in his spare time and also has a framed diagram of each starship he creates.

There are some framed movie posters and some Star Trek Paramount movie theme art signed by the artist.

Again, sorry about the glare.

I found this one at Hobby Lobby.

I framed a set of stamps released by the US Post Office.

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There is a anther wall of built in book shelves full of my husband’s toys collectables, Star Wars stuff, my collection of Doctor Who, Star Trek, and other bobbleheads, and a billion books. It is currently hidden behind my husband’s portrait backdrop and photography equipment, so I wasn’t able to share that.

What kind of stuff do you collect? I’d love to see photos. Drop me a comment!


2 thoughts on “The Geek Retreat- Come Check Out my Basement

  1. Lellalee says:

    Ok I really need a basement! I had a garage in my old house in which I stored all of my crap … I mean precious, much-needed objects (not hoarding at all) but now all these belongings have been distributed all to other family members houses – their problem now 🙂
    I love your geek retreat! xxx

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