The Day Hasn’t Even Started Yet, but I am Done

Excuse me while I hang my head in defeat sit here and cry and give up on the day at 7:00 a.m..

The day started innocently enough. My youngest woke first and wanted to sit and snuggle for a bit. After he jumped down I began making coffee and breakfast for everyone.

I fixed myself a bowl of Cheerios and sat it down on the side table. I moved to place my coffee mug on the coaster next to my bowl, but instead hit the lampshade, spilling coffee. My sleepy brain attempted to again place the mug on the coaster and again hit the lampshade. Coffee spilled all over, including on the steno pad I had used last night to take down notes for new blog post ideas.

With no towel handy I used the next best thing, a diaper. That mopped up all of the coffee mess quickly and I’m really surprised that I came up with that solution instead of just helplessly staring at the mess or leaving the room to get a towel and coming back to find the kids playing in it.

My daughter and I had a lovely disagreement about the merits of using the toilet, washing her soiled hands, and brushing her teeth for about five minutes. When I turned around I discovered that my son had quietly stolen his sister’s Frozen water bottle and spilled it on himself, the carpet, and a ton of books on the bookshelf.

Just one of the wet spots he created.

He threw a massive fit let me know how unhappy he was that I took it from his possession.

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I helped my daughter to dress and tried to brush her hair into a ponytail. She screamed complained that I pulled her hair too tightly and made her hair look worse pulled out the hair tie.

When I at last sat on the toilet alone had a moment’s peace I was interrupted by my daughter with the urgent news about how Kermit the Frog’s batteries needed replaced, a state the plush toy has been in for around four years.

Oh, hey, did I mention that I stubbed my toe on the couch and spilled coffee again? Can I have a do-over?

Here’s to hoping the day gets better.


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