The Beginning of the End

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The first request out of Abby’s mouth when she wakes in the morning is for milk.  She refuses a cup of cow’s milk and wants to be breastfed.  We have a routine when arriving home after I leave work and pick her up from daycare: before we even get the garage door shut she clamors, insists, nay- demands milk.  Not just any milk, mind you, but breast milk.  If her coat takes too long to unbutton, if I feel like taking off my shoes, or if there are any sort of distractions that postpone her getting milk she will hunt me down and find me, dragging the Boppy pillow along the way.

Today was different.  This morning she pointed toward the kitchen and at the refrigerator until I figured out that she wanted her sippy cup.  She sucked it dry in no time flat.  She didn’t ask for breast milk at all before we left the house.  Tonight when we arrived home she didn’t race towards the couch and pull down the Boppy pillow, instead she walked to the refrigerator and jumped for the door handle.  When I asked if she wanted milk she said yes and drank all that I gave her.  She only asked to breastfeed when she was upset after her bath right before bed.

I’ve always taken the approach of letting Abby self-wean when she was ready.  My goal was to breastfeed and to try to stick to it for at least a year.  We’ve made it almost nineteen months thus far.  Now it seems as though end is in sight.  

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I’m not going to say that on a certain level it will be a relief to be able to stop breastfeeding and pumping…  It is a pain in the ass to pump at work and it sucks to get bit now that she has teeth.  Not all of my dresses or shirts easily accommodate nursing so I often have to try to change out of my dress or take off my shirt to do so.  I hate cleaning pump parts each day.  It would be nice if my huge boobs get a little smaller again.  But nursing is our special snuggle time where I get to cuddle with and admire my beautiful baby and I will miss it.  



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