Temper Tantrums 

It seems we have moved into the era of temper tantrums.  Oh my, how fun, not.

My happy go lucky girl who never used to get upset is suddenly getting upset about EVERYTHING.  And it’s not that she’s just getting upset.  She is getting upset, crying, screaming, and flopping around on the floor like a fish.
Me: Time to eat.  Come over here so you can get in your high chair.

Her: No, no, no, no. No, Mommy. *screams and begins fish flopping*
Me: Ok, I need to get in the shower now so I can get ready for work.  Are you ready to play in the Pack ‘n Play for a few minutes?  Do you want any different books or toys to play with while I shower?

Her: *Shrieks through my whole shower and throws toys*
Me: It’s late.  Let’s go brush your teeth and get ready for bed.

Her: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *Points to books*

Me: It’s already past your bedtime.  Let’s go brush your teeth.

Her: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Me: Come on, Abby.

Her: Momma, no! *Points towards books*

Me: OK, but only one book.  Afterwards we have to go brush your teeth.  

Her: *Holds up her index finger for 1 book*

Me:  *Reads book* OK honey, time to brush your teeth.

Her:  *Holds up her index finger for 1 book*

Me:  No more books.

Her:  *Begins fish flopping*
Me: Have a good nap sweetie. I love you. 

Her: No, Mommy, no! Mommy, no! No! *Begins fish flopping and bangs her arms and legs against the side of the crib*

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Me:  Abby, don’t do that.  You are going to hurt yourself.

Her: *Screams and keeps flopping* 
Me: *Peels an orange but sees it is no good*  Sorry, honey, this orange is yucky.  I’ll buy some more when we go to the store next.

Her: No!  Need!  *Points at the orange*  Need!

Me:  Sorry, it is yucky.  We can’t eat it.  I’m going to throw it away.  

Her: Need!  Mommy!  Noooooo!  *Tries to flop in her high chair and bangs head on the back of the seat*
Me:  Pooey!  You have a stinky diaper.  Lay down and we’ll change it real quick.  

Her: No!  *Runs away*

Me:  Come here, Abby, and we’ll get you all cleaned up.  Then you can play.

Her:  Noooo!

Me:  *Picks her up and lays her down*  It will just take a second, sweetie.

Her: Mommy, no!  *Flopflopflopflopflop*

Me:  Quit, you’re going to get poop all over.

Her:  *Flopflopflopflop*

Me:  Quit it, hold still please.  This would be so much faster if you hold still.

Her:  *Flopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflop*
I’m not sure what to do.  It is getting very frustrating.  Threatening to make her stand in the corner doesn’t work (and she’d probably just flop around in the corner).  Telling her to calm down and trying to hold her doesn’t work.  Ignoring the tantrum doesn’t work.  Trying to distract her and get her interested in something else doesn’t work.  Usually it just has to run it’s course and then she’s fine, that is, until something else sets her off.  When I asked the babysitter if Abby does this for her too during the day she said no.  

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Have your children gone through a temper tantrum phase?  If so, how did you deal with it?


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