Early Morning Sweetness

I spotted a sweet little fairy this morning and had to share. She said she was using her fairy wand to make Spring flowers bloom everywhere.


My Sweet Pea is Three

Today my coworker Juana asked me if I had discovered yet that raising girls is very different than raising boys. She had previously told me this and I had internally rolled my eyes. Even a few weeks ago I would have thought that was a silly statement. But, she has raised three girls and three … Continue reading My Sweet Pea is Three

How to Drive Mom Crazy in 10 Easy Steps: the Morning Edition

Hey kids, looking for something fun to do? Bored with the same old morning routine? Are you a precocious two-year-old? Try this kid-tested way to shake up your morning and get the day started right! 1. Refuse to answer Mom when she asks what you want for breakfast five times, then, when she sits down … Continue reading How to Drive Mom Crazy in 10 Easy Steps: the Morning Edition

Let’s Potty

Today I decided to be daring and dress Abby in underwear instead of a pull up. I would like to say it was because I have confidence that she would take to it right away, realize she always needs to use the toilet, and we would all live happily ever after. But no, I really … Continue reading Let’s Potty

A Better Day

Yesterday was a tough day. Since it was Saturday the whole family was home together. I had a headache all day. Abby was tired and crabby and did not want to listen at all. I must have been crabby too, because I heard "Mom, you mad with me?" about a million times. The baby wanted … Continue reading A Better Day

Coffee, a Mom’s Best Friend

Oh, coffee, how I love thee.  How else would I function at 5:00 a.m.?   I cut out all but one cup of coffee a day when I found out I was pregnant.  I knew I couldn't go cold turkey without getting headaches from not having the caffeine.   This one is almost half unsweetened … Continue reading Coffee, a Mom’s Best Friend