When the Image in the Mirror Doesn’t Match the Image on the Camera – or Ways to Appear Confident When You Are Not

I had planned to put together a post about how to appear confident even when you don't feel it. As I was trying to put my son to sleep yesterday afternoon I was composing it in my head, thinking, this sounds good; it should be pretty quick to write. I made mental notes about what … Continue reading When the Image in the Mirror Doesn’t Match the Image on the Camera – or Ways to Appear Confident When You Are Not


Princess Culture, Revisited

Almost three years ago, I wrote a post entitled The Princess Culture: View From a Former Princess.  You can read it here. In the post, I argued that modern society is creating a cultural phenomena of a generation of girls who grow up thinking they are or want to be princesses. I spoke at large about … Continue reading Princess Culture, Revisited

Our Daily Affirmation

A few months ago I started repeating a daily affirmation at bedtime with my daughter. I think it is an important part of each day. All too early in life girls are told by society, either by media, other kids, or by adults (either intentionally or unintentionally) that they must fit in to a certain … Continue reading Our Daily Affirmation

My October Goals

How is it October already? My, how this year has passed so quickly! I recently had my yearly evaluation at work, where I had to choose two new goals for the year ahead. I decided to carry this forward to my life at home, but to choose new goals on a monthly basis. This month … Continue reading My October Goals

Raising a Girl Who Believes She Can

"Mom, Mason says I can't play with the football because I am a girl." "When we play Mason says I can't be a fireman." "Mason says he is stronger than me."These are just some of the comments that my daughter, Abby, tells me on the car ride home from daycare. "Tell Mason he can mind … Continue reading Raising a Girl Who Believes She Can

Weighing my Self and Myself

Today is the nine year anniversary of the first date that my husband and I went on.   In the time that we have been together my weight has fluctuated both up and down.  I have weighed fourty pounds more than my current weight at my heaviest during pregnancy and weighed twenty-five pounds less.   … Continue reading Weighing my Self and Myself