Stretched to the Max and Trying to Make Time for Self-Care

The best saltwater taffy in the entire world comes from a little store called The Taffy Shop in Estes Park, Colorado. In the window sits an old-fashioned machine with rotating arms that pull the taffy. It stretches the taffy into ropes of pastel sugary sweetness, which droops down and is then picked up by another … Continue reading Stretched to the Max and Trying to Make Time for Self-Care


Hair We Go Again

This morning I began using HR23+, a hair regrowth supplement. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember me writing about how I started to lose a lot of hair after my son was born. At the time, I figured it was due to hormonal changes and had hoped that … Continue reading Hair We Go Again

My Self-care Wishlist

When I look back on each day, the one thing I see that I skimp on more than anything is self-care. I take care of the needs of others and often neglect caring for myself. I don't take enough time to relax. I don't get enough sleep. I don't eat a healthy enough diet. I … Continue reading My Self-care Wishlist

13 Ways to Keep Your Cool When You’re About to Lose it

We've all been in a scenario where you feel like one more, just one more thing is going to set you off and then it's all down hill from there. Maybe you're having a difficult day, you may not be feeling well, you get bad news, your job is overwhelming, or the kids aren't listening... … Continue reading 13 Ways to Keep Your Cool When You’re About to Lose it

I Won a New Book

About two weeks ago I entered a contest on Facebook. Kansas Public Radio was giving away a copy of Hillary Frank's book, Weird Parenting Wins. I almost never enter contests, but it was for a book I have been wanting to read. I'm happy I did, because I received notice on Monday that I had … Continue reading I Won a New Book

Migraines Suck and Naps are Amazing

Yesterday the weather began to change. It became foggy and then rained and hailed. As the day progressed, I started to feel off, as I sometimes do before a migraine. I went through the rest of the day with no problems, but still didn't feel like myself. Cue the rain this morning. I woke up … Continue reading Migraines Suck and Naps are Amazing