My Self-care Wishlist

When I look back on each day, the one thing I see that I skimp on more than anything is self-care. I take care of the needs of others and often neglect caring for myself. I don't take enough time to relax. I don't get enough sleep. I don't eat a healthy enough diet. I … Continue reading My Self-care Wishlist


My Five Favorite Podcasts

I love to listen to podcasts in the car, when I am getting ready for work in the morning, or at work using my Bluetooth headphones. It's my way to catch up on current events, learn something new, or just block out my surroundings and concentrate on work. I listen to all my podcasts using … Continue reading My Five Favorite Podcasts

Migraines Suck and Naps are Amazing

Yesterday the weather began to change. It became foggy and then rained and hailed. As the day progressed, I started to feel off, as I sometimes do before a migraine. I went through the rest of the day with no problems, but still didn't feel like myself. Cue the rain this morning. I woke up … Continue reading Migraines Suck and Naps are Amazing

10 Tips for Increasing Your Breastmilk Supply That Worked for Me

I didn't know what to expect when I first tried breastfeeding. While in the hospital with my firstborn, my milk took a long time to come in and the lactation consultant advised me to start pumping. Even though she was getting colostrum from pumping and nursing, I was worried that Abby wasn't getting enough to … Continue reading 10 Tips for Increasing Your Breastmilk Supply That Worked for Me

Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others

Out of all the people in the world, I think moms are the worst at taking care of themselves. It is easy to see why; we spend so much time taking care of others that we don't have time, forget, or can't do some things to take care of ourselves. Usually it is unintentional, at … Continue reading Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others

Boom! BonLogic Shower Bombs

A couple weeks ago my sister Rachel and I were talking on the phone and I mentioned that I would love a massage (*hint, hint* sister who studied massage therapy) because I had some muscles on the right side of my neck and shoulders that have been painfully tight and causing headaches for weeks. She … Continue reading Boom! BonLogic Shower Bombs

Goal Time

  Starting my own blog has gotten me thinking about goals lately.  Short term goals, long term goals,  professional goals, personal goals, "probably will never happen but wouldn't it be awesome" goals... you get the picture. Starting a blog has been on my list for a while, so now I can check that one off! … Continue reading Goal Time