Princess Culture, Revisited

Almost three years ago, I wrote a post entitled The Princess Culture: View From a Former Princess.  You can read it here. In the post, I argued that modern society is creating a cultural phenomena of a generation of girls who grow up thinking they are or want to be princesses. I spoke at large about … Continue reading Princess Culture, Revisited


Sending Love Letters

It is a well known fact that kids love to send and receive mail. Heck, even I get excited when I get something good in the mail. This morning Abby asked to "do a project" with me and I thought writing some letters to her favorite Disney characters would be something she would enjoy and … Continue reading Sending Love Letters

The Princess Culture: a View from a Former Princess

"Oh, I love you so much my pretty princess-" I caught myself saying to my baby the other day as I scooped her up off the floor. As soon as the words came out I stopped dead in my tracks and thought oh, shit, what am I saying? I can't call her the P-word! Thank … Continue reading The Princess Culture: a View from a Former Princess