Sunday Playdate Recap

This last Sunday was a cold and rainy day. In the afternoon we met up with another mom and three of Abby and Oscar's previous daycare playmates at McDonald's. The kids hadn't seen each other since we attended a birthday party at their house a little over a month ago. The girls seemed to have … Continue reading Sunday Playdate Recap


Embracing my Inner Jedi: Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Earlier I was listening to the TED Talk Radio Hour on NPR podcast about being in your comfort zone. It was all about and how people often get in the habit of staying at their status quo, have issues with moving past their norm, and getting out of their comfort zone. This podcast struck a … Continue reading Embracing my Inner Jedi: Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Friday Reflections

I love having children close in age. kids were playing. Oscar was in the Pack 'n Play standing up and Abby, who had been watching a Lego cartoon, was standing up next to the Pack 'n Play. they are facing each other, giving Eskimo kisses and giggling. It was very sweet.They get along so well, … Continue reading Friday Reflections

Making Friends

I have written about this subject before, so please forgive me if it seems duplicative or redundant.   My husband has friends he is able to call and talk to, go out for a beer with, hang out with, or workout with.  I don't have any friends like that.  I will say it plainly, it … Continue reading Making Friends

Why is it so Hard to Make Friends?

  I am, admittedly,  an introvert.  I always have been. That never stopped me from having a lot of friends growing up.  After high school though, it started becoming obvious that a lot of friends and I had subtly parted ways.  Sometimes it was due to a friend moving away to attend college or to … Continue reading Why is it so Hard to Make Friends?