Guide Dots: Subscription Box #7

Disclaimer: Guide Dots kindly gifted this product to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are those of myself and/or my family. As a child I was constantly drawing. I would draw rainbows, people and faces, pictures of my Barbie horse, use my Fashion Plates toy and design and color the clothes … Continue reading Guide Dots: Subscription Box #7


ABC and 123: Our Favorite Educational TV

Television time is always a subject that ruffles parents' feathers. At our well child check doctor visits the provider always says to limit TV time to an hour a day or less. If you'd let them, my kids would watch TV all day, and I'm sure yours would too. But how much TV do kids … Continue reading ABC and 123: Our Favorite Educational TV

Chores for Children and Learning How to “Adult”

Hey all, I originally posted this back in November 2017. I was thinking about this post a couple of days ago because my daughter was asking for more chores to help with (she's three, chores are still fun). Have you heard of "adulting" classes? Apparently, this is the new thing where young people are taught … Continue reading Chores for Children and Learning How to “Adult”

How My Children See Me

We often worry about how we look, how we dress, how we appear to other people. Until this afternoon I've never really stopped and thought about how I appear to my children. Abby had just woken from a nap and started to take photos with my smartphone. "Give it back," I said. "Please, just let … Continue reading How My Children See Me

Life Goes Full Circle

When looking at Netflix or Amazon Prime, one can see many new versions of cartoons that I loved as a kid: The Popples, The Care Bears, My Little Pony, Inspector Gadget, Garfield, and others. I don't care for the newer cartoons, but my kids love them. We play many games that I had as a … Continue reading Life Goes Full Circle

Hooray Heroes and a Free Sibling Color Book

A few days ago I was browsing and came across Hooray Heroes, a company that creates personalized children's books. The books are adorable and you can personalize them with your child's name and physical characteristics so they have a unique storybook all about themselves. How cool is that? I am excited to create one for … Continue reading Hooray Heroes and a Free Sibling Color Book

Every Day is a New Adventure

As my site tagline suggests, I believe every day is a new adventure waiting to unfold. This morning was a jungle safari at the dining room table. A number of ferocious animals were observed, from the sleepy mama bear to to the wild little brother. Other than some roaring and a little whining, a good … Continue reading Every Day is a New Adventure

A Suppertime Scare

Recently, while on a playdate Abby hit her head when she was about fifteen feet off of the ground inside of a McDonald's PlayPlace. It was so unnerving. I had no idea what was going on; she was screaming and wouldn't tell me what was wrong, I couldn't see her, and I am rotund enough … Continue reading A Suppertime Scare

Princess Culture, Revisited

Almost three years ago, I wrote a post entitled The Princess Culture: View From a Former Princess.  You can read it here. In the post, I argued that modern society is creating a cultural phenomena of a generation of girls who grow up thinking they are or want to be princesses. I spoke at large about … Continue reading Princess Culture, Revisited

Motherhood: The Art of Pissing Off Everyone

Do you ever have days where it seems as though when you try your hardest to be a good parent you just end up feeling like you are doing the opposite? I don't try to be the cool mom and I'm not one of those parents who let their kids get away with being little … Continue reading Motherhood: The Art of Pissing Off Everyone