Mother’s Day Picture Frame Project

My daughter Abby loves to do "projects" and wanted to make something for both of her grandmothers for Mother's Day.  She is such a sweet girl who loves to make things to give as gifts for everyone.  I receive new drawings or other artwork daily. During our last trip to Walmart, we found some supplies … Continue reading Mother’s Day Picture Frame Project


The World has Lost an Incredible Woman

Last Saturday I had lain down for a nap with Oscar, thinking if we snuggled he and I would both (hopefully!) take a longer nap. Before I fell asleep, for some reason I had been thinking of my grandmother and how I had loved to visit her on the farm as a child. An hour … Continue reading The World has Lost an Incredible Woman

The Little Things

 This morning as I drank my coffee I was reflecting on a small sign on my bookshelf.  It says, Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realize they were the big things.  I believe this saying and have always found it to be true.   We don't need big orchestrated vacations.  We don't need … Continue reading The Little Things