Are You Afraid of the Dark? Eight Scary Movies to Watch for Halloween

Do you like scary movies? Don't you think it is strange that humans like to be scared and regularly consume different types of entertainment that frightens them?


Art and Self-Doubt

In my city, the local Arts Council sponsors an Art Walk every Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  In recent years the Walks have been gaining popularity The Arts Council and other businesses downtown display artwork for two days and visitors can go to each location to view artwork or listen to live music.  There are … Continue reading Art and Self-Doubt

A Suppertime Scare

Recently, while on a playdate Abby hit her head when she was about fifteen feet off of the ground inside of a McDonald's PlayPlace. It was so unnerving. I had no idea what was going on; she was screaming and wouldn't tell me what was wrong, I couldn't see her, and I am rotund enough … Continue reading A Suppertime Scare

I am Not my Illness

I have not shared much about my having epilepsy in the past. In fact, I may not have mentioned it at all. Usually it is something I keep close to my chest and do not discuss with most people, not because I am ashamed of it, but rather because I feel like once I do … Continue reading I am Not my Illness

Get Your Flu Shot!

Today I got my Flu shot. Have you had yours yet? Last year I had both Influenza A and B, even though I had received a Flu shot. I felt like I had been hit by a train, but I was grateful that I had been vaccinated because had I not, I would have felt … Continue reading Get Your Flu Shot!

My Story of Sexual Assault and the Importance of Teaching Children Body Autonomy

*Trigger warning* The story below contains some graphic details. The #MeToo movement has gotten a lot of media attention recently after news stories in the last couple years about the president, Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby, and other men in positions of power reportedly sexually assaulting women. I am going to share … Continue reading My Story of Sexual Assault and the Importance of Teaching Children Body Autonomy

Embracing my Inner Jedi: Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Earlier I was listening to the TED Talk Radio Hour on NPR podcast about being in your comfort zone. It was all about and how people often get in the habit of staying at their status quo, have issues with moving past their norm, and getting out of their comfort zone. This podcast struck a … Continue reading Embracing my Inner Jedi: Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Life With Anxiety

I have been living with anxiety for a long time. I was recently thinking about my childhood and realized that I have been dealing with anxiety for longer than I had previously thought. In elementary school my family moved to a different town and my parents divorced. I didn't fit in at school. I started … Continue reading Life With Anxiety

Facing a Profesional Fear

​ I have been working at my current place of employment for over fifteen years.  I have had a variety of positions but I have been in my current position for a little over three years now.   When I first started my current position I was basically just thrust into my job duties and … Continue reading Facing a Profesional Fear