May Happiness Be Yours Today

Hello, lovelies! I thought I would give you a quick morning update. I've given up my pity party and I am trying to look on the positive side of everything. This morning I began to dictate this while walking on the treadmill and keeping an eye on the baby monitor. By the end of this … Continue reading May Happiness Be Yours Today


New Treadmill, New Monday, New Start

I know this is most likely not interesting to anyone but me... But I got a treadmill! I have been wanting one at home for years and I finally have one. My husband deserves an enormous 'thank you!" So, you can see I was enjoying using it this morning. I actually was able to get … Continue reading New Treadmill, New Monday, New Start

New Year, New Resolve: How to be Successful in Making Changes

Today is January 28th, how well have you stuck to your New Year's resolutions? If you are like many people, you have begun to falter or have given up completely by now. If you are still going strong, I commend you! Each year many people decide to create resolutions to make changes in their lives, … Continue reading New Year, New Resolve: How to be Successful in Making Changes

My October Goals

How is it October already? My, how this year has passed so quickly! I recently had my yearly evaluation at work, where I had to choose two new goals for the year ahead. I decided to carry this forward to my life at home, but to choose new goals on a monthly basis. This month … Continue reading My October Goals