Too Much to do, Too Little Time

I always keep the door to my bedroom shut. This is because my room is a mess. While, most of the time, my house is generally in order, at any given moment my bedroom is a mess. My dresser has piles of stuff on top: jewelry, photos needing placed in albums, hair ties, random junk … Continue reading Too Much to do, Too Little Time

Hair Hair Everywhere

Sunday afternoon my husband and Abby watched a movie in the basement and Oscar took an extra long nap so I was able to get a few chores around the house done. I folded laundry and noticed a lot of long hair. I swept the kitchen and bathroom floors and picked up a lot of … Continue reading Hair Hair Everywhere

It’s Just Stuff

The Great Stuff Purge of 2017 has begun. It started innocently enough a few days ago, but once the ball got rolling it has gained in size and I am not sure where it will end. When did we accumulate so much stuff? Where did we get so much stuff? Why do we keep so … Continue reading It’s Just Stuff