The Greatest Fear

There was an electrical outage at my office on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning so I worked from home on Wednesday. It was wonderful: it was blissfully quiet, I could play music, I could work in my sweatpants, and I didn't have to interact with anyone except through instant messaging. I was able to sit … Continue reading The Greatest Fear


Too Much to do, Too Little Time

I always keep the door to my bedroom shut. This is because my room is a mess. While, most of the time, my house is generally in order, at any given moment my bedroom is a mess. My dresser has piles of stuff on top: jewelry, photos needing placed in albums, hair ties, random junk … Continue reading Too Much to do, Too Little Time

My Story of Sexual Assault and the Importance of Teaching Children Body Autonomy

*Trigger warning* The story below contains some graphic details. The #MeToo movement has gotten a lot of media attention recently after news stories in the last couple years about the president, Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby, and other men in positions of power reportedly sexually assaulting women. I am going to share … Continue reading My Story of Sexual Assault and the Importance of Teaching Children Body Autonomy

Embracing my Inner Jedi: Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Earlier I was listening to the TED Talk Radio Hour on NPR podcast about being in your comfort zone. It was all about and how people often get in the habit of staying at their status quo, have issues with moving past their norm, and getting out of their comfort zone. This podcast struck a … Continue reading Embracing my Inner Jedi: Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Date Night- Finally!

Several months have passed since my husband and I went out for our last date night. As I was preparing to write this, I had to sit and seriously rack my brain to remember that we had gone to see either the last Avengers movie or a Star Wars movie. It has been so long … Continue reading Date Night- Finally!

Life With Anxiety

I have been living with anxiety for a long time. I was recently thinking about my childhood and realized that I have been dealing with anxiety for longer than I had previously thought. In elementary school my family moved to a different town and my parents divorced. I didn't fit in at school. I started … Continue reading Life With Anxiety

It’s Just Stuff

The Great Stuff Purge of 2017 has begun. It started innocently enough a few days ago, but once the ball got rolling it has gained in size and I am not sure where it will end. When did we accumulate so much stuff? Where did we get so much stuff? Why do we keep so … Continue reading It’s Just Stuff

Mom Needs a Vacation

Mom needs a vacation. Or maybe just fifteen minutes locked alone in the quiet bathroom. I will take what I can get. It seems lately I am one step away from losing my shit. I keep waiting for that one thing each day that will send me over the edge. If you see me sitting … Continue reading Mom Needs a Vacation

Pumping Again

‚Äč Lately I have been having a lot of anxiety.  Most of it comes from my job and stress with some of my role as a supervisor, as well as beginning my part of an enormously big scary year long project.  I am still getting up around four times a night with Abby and don't … Continue reading Pumping Again