Getting to Know Me: Random Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Hi guys! Inspired by a blog post I recently read, I thought it would be fun to share some facts about myself that I haven't written about before. I wasn't sure what to include, so I just started writing. A lot of it is totally random! I hope you find it interesting and I would … Continue reading Getting to Know Me: Random Facts You Probably Don’t Know


How My Children See Me

We often worry about how we look, how we dress, how we appear to other people. Until this afternoon I've never really stopped and thought about how I appear to my children. Abby had just woken from a nap and started to take photos with my smartphone. "Give it back," I said. "Please, just let … Continue reading How My Children See Me

Embracing the Gray

I found my first gray hair at age eighteen. I pulled it out each time it appeared on the top of my head, wiry and kinky curly. "Maybe you'll be like your grandma," my mom teased me, "she was totally gray by the time she was thirty." Oh, please no, I prayed. I remember my … Continue reading Embracing the Gray