Quote Jar Curator: Subscription Review # 2

Disclaimer: The subscription box I received from Quote Jar Curator was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed in my post are mine only.


The premise behind Quote Jar Curator is simple. You find a jar and fill it with quotes that will inspire you, comfort you, and ground you. As their website says, “Add some intentionality to your morning routine or evening wind down. Curate a jar of wisdom you can reach into whenever you need some inspiration or a good mental kick.”  Who couldn’t use that?

Each month you will receive quotes printed on beautiful paper, plus other goodies like stationery, a notebook, tea, etc. You add the quotes to the jar, along with any of your own, and take a moment each day for yourself. “Let whatever thought you happen to pick up really resonate and then see how you can apply it to your day.”

The introductory package I received

Melissa, the Quote Jar Curator, kindly gave me a complimentary three-month subscription and I can honestly say that it has made me smile and look forward to opening each envelope I receive. The quotes and items I’ve received have been sweet and thoughtful.


Pricing varies between $5.50 and $54.00, depending on whether you wish to receive one or two packages a month. All shipping is free.

Once a month pricing

Month to month – $5.50

3 month prepay – $14.49

6 month prepay – $27.78

12 month prepay – $54.00

Twice a month pricing

2 weeks – $5.50

4 week prepay – $9.66

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8 week prepay – $18.52

16 week prepay – $36.00

My thoughts

On a particularly rough day, I was able to take five minutes of quiet time for myself to drink a hot cup of tea and to read quotes from my jar. Although a simple exercise, it helped me calm down, refocus, and feel better.

I have found it helpful to pull my jar down from its shelf and read through each slip of paper each morning. It has aided me in practicing mindfulness and thinking about the kind of person I wish to be each day.

I love the Quote Jar Curator and would recommend it to anyone who would like to create a quiet ritual and receive a sweet surprise in the mail. I don’t think you’ll find a less expensive and kind way to treat yourself anywhere else.

I will be subscribing!

I give it 5 stars!

Visit Quote Jar Curator’s website here.


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