Smart Art: Subscription Box Review #6

Disclaimer: The Smart Art box below was kindly gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

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As I was researching subscription boxes I came across the Smart Art Box and loved it!

With a Smart Art Box subscription you can enjoy a new project and experimenting with new mediums each month, delivered directly to your home. They include only top brand items, so you know you will be working with quality products, not a sub-par product purchased at a discount store.

Smart Art calls itself,

They are a company that wants to assist others in inspiring creativity and introduce new techniques and mediums to everyone.

“a business with the altruistic goal of helping people explore their passions and empower their creativity by challenging them to try new mediums. It’s common for artists and hobbyists to stick to their favorite one or two mediums. We believe exploring different mediums refreshes the mind, challenges your skills, and allows you the opportunity to perhaps find a new favorite!”

I reviewed the November box, which came packed full of supplies. An included booklet gives a list and description of the supplies needed for the project and also a step-by-step guide with instructions and photos to complete the project.

smart art

Supplies in the box:

3-pack of sponges

Marabu stencil

Pebeo Mat Pub in 5 colors with a fine tip

Marabu Acryl Mousse in 3 colors

Contour tool

2 canvas boards

See a video detailing all of the items in the box:

My Project

I followed the provided directions for my project but deviated from the instructions a little to make my project more unique.

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The Marabu Acryl Mousse was a product that I had not tried before. It was like a smooth, mousse-like acrylic paint with a fine sand mixed in to create different texture effects. I had previously used a similar Pebeo product but it dried clear and you could see the silica inside. I enjoyed using the sponge, my fingers, and the contour tool to create areas of different textures on the canvas panel.

I was excited to see the Pebeo products, as I have used several different Pebeo brand mediums before and have always really liked them. Unfortunately, there are none sold in my area so I have to order from Amazon. Ordering from Amazon is convenient but I don’t get to look at unfamiliar products or speak to store staff about them or their recommendations. I have wanted to try the Pebeo Pub Mat for a while but hadn’t ordered it. I used the black Pub Mat to draw the birds in flight.

Next, I added some acrylic paint skins leftover from a past acrylic pour project and used Modge Podge to affix them to the dried panel in a bird shape. I used the Pub Mat in yellow to draw around the bird. I also tore part of an envelope with Swedish stamps on it and used Modge Podge to add it to the panel.

I used the stencil with a small amount of black Pub Mat and a sponge. Then I used a stamp and ink to stamp on the envelope and on the panel. I lightly rubbed a blue and magenta oil pastel on the smoother textured area of the canvas panel so that it highlighted the sandy texture. I also used a brown and green oil pastel to lightly draw a tree branch and some small flowers. Finally, I outlined the bird and tree branch with a fine tipped black permanent marker.

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1 month is $49.45

3 months is $47.65 each billed quarterly, which would be $142.95

6 months is $44.99 each billed semi-annually, which would be $269.95

My Thoughts

I love that all of the materials needed for the intended project are included in the box. I have a habit of going to Hobby Lobby or an art supply store and leaving with much more than I originally intended to purchase. I also hate to start a project and have to stop because I don’t have something I need.

I also love that the materials included are all full-sized instead of sample size. I really enjoyed using both the Acryl Mousse and Pub Mat and appreciate that I will be able to experiment more with the rest of the full-sized products.

I believe the price and quality of the materials along with the project instructions and follow along guide makes this subscription box a great deal and a fabulous way to try different mediums. I had a great time working on my project and have received a lot of compliments on it.

The Smart Art Box would make a great gift for an art enthusiast, just about anyone on your list, or even a great gift to give to yourself!

I give the Smart Art Box 5 out of 5 stars!

Have you tried the Smart Art Box? I would love to hear about your experience!

Thank you, Smart Art, for kindly gifting me the Smart Art Box and an amazing experience!


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