Sleep Training, Part II

Night 4
At bedtime after nursing she wanted to fall asleep instead of playing, so I knew she was tired.  She whined a little as I lowered her into bed but did not cry.  She fell asleep right away and slept for a little over an hour.  When I next heard her cry on the monitor she quieted quickly but I could hear her move around for a while.  I nursed her again an hour later and she fell asleep in my arms.  As I was leaving her bedroom the floor creaked and she sat up in bed but did not cry as I closed the door.  she slept for a little while but it was stormy and the thunder and lightning kept waking her up so we finished out the night on the couch together.

Night 5
Our routine was off because we had traveled out of town to celebrate Mother’s Day with family.  Abby didn’t get all her naps in for the day so she was whiny when we got home.  She was almost asleep when I put her in bed and did not cry.  Unfortunately, a little over an hour later we had to go to the basement because of severe storms so she woke when I took her out of the crib.  She slept on my lap for over an hour until it was safe to go back upstairs.  She slept alone in bed for two more hours after that but was hungry.  I fell asleep while nursing so we spent two more hours on the couch before it was time to start the day.

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Night 6
Abby was a very sleepy girl.  We read books before bed and she was whining as I read each book, but after we finished and I closed each one to put away on the bookshelf she whined more, as if she didn’t want to stop reading.  Her gums were sore and bothering her so I hoped some Motrin would help her sleep.  She was very drowsy when I lay her in bed and rolled over right away go go to sleep.  As soon as she realized I was leaving the room though, she was on her feet and screaming.  I told her I would be back to check on her in a few minutes if she hadn’t yet fallen asleep and closed the door.  I could hear her lay down and start snoring instantly.  She woke six times in the night: twice only going back to sleep after nursing, the other times she fell asleep almost as soon as I left the room.

Night 7
I am not feeling well, so I go to bed when Abby does at 8:00.  She cries for about 30 seconds when I put her in bed but quickly quiets.  An hour later she wakes and wants to nurse, then does not want to go back to bed.  She cries for a few minutes and then she sleeps.  In fourty-five minutes she wants to get up again.  I try to comfort her and go back to bed.  She cries again and my husband takes her out of bed and tries to snuggle on the couch but she isn’t happy.  I get up and hold her for a while and she calms down.  After she falls asleep I put her back in bed but she will not stay asleep; it is stormy outside and she acts scared so I snuggle with her longer.

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After a week I think we have made a lot of progress.  For the most part, Abby will lay down and go to sleep when I put her in bed.  I have been able to sleep more in bed and haven’t spent more than a couple hours at a time on the couch with her.  It hasn’t been easy, but it has been much easier than I expected.  I think if we stay on our current course it will only continue to get easier.


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