She pooped a…

“Oh, just so you know,” the babysitter said, somewhat nonchalantly, “Iike the third time she pooped today when I changed her diaper I noticed that she passed a penny.”
What?!? She pooped a penny?  How did she get a penny?  Why does this not seem like such a big deal to her?
“Jess said Brant did the same thing one time.”  Well good for Brant, but he’s not my child, I am not worried about him, and that was in the past.  By this point in our conversation I am internally freaking out.
What if she swallowed more than one?  What if she swallowed a nickel?  A thumb tack? Who knows what else she may have picked up if she somehow got a penny?
I goggled what to do if you think your child has swallowed a coin and didn’t find anything immediately helpful other than, “get an X-Ray.” So should she have one?  I mean she already passed a coin… this was not addressed in anything that I read.  But I did find out that pennies minted after 1983 are made with zinc and can be very corrosive inside a child’s body.  Gee, that makes me worry less, not.
I am super watchful around my child.  I make sure she is not around my purse or anywhere she could find change.  I take off my earrings before I hold her because she likes to play with my ears when she nurses.  I don’t let her play with my keys or anything else that is potentially dangerous.  I make sure nothing is on the floor when I put her down, even little tiny wisps of loose red fur from her Elmo doll.
Did the penny come from the couch cushions?  Did another daycare kid have it and lost it?  Was a wayward penny that got crumpled inside a receipt in someone’s pocket and fall on the floor?
I have no idea how she got a hold of it.  I am glad she didn’t choke or get it caught in her windpipe.  I will be even more careful now.  I know it happens, at all ages.  I remember my cousin telling me proudly that he swallowed four quarters and a long red GI Joe missile when we were kids – and he was definitely old enough to know better.
This kid is definitely keeping me on my toes.

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