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Relax! 20 Ways to Relieve Stress

There are a lot of causes of stress in today’s modern society.  While technology has made home life easier, in some ways it has also made it more stressful.  We are always connected to the outside world. Where previously we could leave the office at five o’clock and not think about work until the next day, at home I often think, “Maybe should  I finish reading all those e-mails in my inbox,” or, “I’ll just log in and work for a little bit to get caught up for tomorrow.”  Being a new mom and trying to figure out what the heck I am doing, all the while wondering if I am doing anything right or being a good parent and partner to my husband is stressful for me.  Trying to balance home life and work outside the home is increasingly hard.  It is easy to overextend ourselves with commitments and responsibilities of all kinds.  Money or lack of it is a major stressor for a lot of people.  All of these are just a drop in a bucket.


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Stress is hard on a person physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It can also put a strain on your relationships and commitments, as well.  It is important every once in a while to take time out and take care of yourself.  Below, I have compiled a list of 20 different ways to relieve stress.

Beauty is power.

Soak in the tub

Take a bath or take a hot shower and feel that stress melt away.

Go for a walk

A change in your environment can sometimes do wonders for your attitude and stress level.

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As a kid, I could spend hours with a pencil and paper or crayons and a good color book.  When I was pregnant I bought an adult coloring book and found it a fantastic way to relax at the end of the day before bed.

Take a nap

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of sleep to feel better.


Taking care of a garden, flowerbed, or yard can be very therapeutic.

Talk to someone

Call a friend, visit with your mom, or speak with a counselor.

Read a book

Getting lost in someone else’s story can help relieve stress from your own.


Different forms of meditation, such as visualizations, breathing exercises, guided imagery, repeating a mantra, and others are easy ways to de-stress anywhere.


Exercise stimulates your body to create feel-good endorphins.

Get a massage

It’s amazing how much stress your body holds on to.  A massage can help work out all of that tension.

Play with an animal

You don’t need a service animal, just rolling around with Fido or snuggling with Spot can help.


Just like exercise, sex can help your brain release endorphins and other chemicals that make you feel good and relieve stress.

Get a pedicure

Soaking your feet in the warm water and having someone rub your feet always makes me feel good, plus your feet will look great.


Some scents can have a relaxing effect.  I like to spray lavender around my desk at work.  It also helps keep away the funky odors coming from other cubicles.

Have a laugh

Whether it’s a silly joke with the kids, watching a funny movie, or going to see a comedian, laughter is good medicine.

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Get off of Facebook

Facebook and other social media can be a great way to stay in touch with friends or acquaintances, but often times we start comparing ourselves or our situations with others.


Write a letter, use a journal, or start a blog.  Similar to talking to someone, writing out your feelings can help you feel better.


Turn on the radio or listen to your favorite album.  Write a song or play an instrument.


This sounds a little counterintuitive, but doesn’t it feel good to have a good cry?

Put down the device

Put down the smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other devices.  We don’t need to be connected 24/7.


What are some ways you relieve stress?




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