Redecorating my Daughter’s Room for Almost Nothing

As of late, my daughter has been super obsessed with Disney princesses.

Case in point, this morning she is drawing pictures of princesses.


Sleeping Beauty

I initially resisted her interest in all things princess related, but she has been persistent. I think much of her requests for princess everything has been fueled by her preschool girlfriends and her cousins, but she seems to really love all of it.

It almost broke my heart when she asked me to take down the Snoopy decorations I had picked out for her room when I was pregnant. I did keep one Snoopy on the wall next to the bedroom door because I couldn’t bear to take them all down. She informed me that she didn’t want baby stuff in her room anymore, because she is a “big” girl.

Along with a Frozen poster a friend had given to her, she wanted to decorate the rest of her room with princesses.


I decided to be creative (and a bit frugal) and make most of the decorations myself. Hobby Lobby has a lot of Disney princess decorations, but they tend to be pretty pricey. I also saw some cute things at Gordman’s but I thought they were overpriced.

Redecorating my Daughter's Room

After finding some inspiration on Pinterest, I painted three princess silhouettes on 11×14 canvases. I embellished them with small crystals.

Queen Elsa



I posted about the next item before. Last year she had received a Rapunzel costume as a gift for her birthday and I saved the hanger. At the time I thought I might be able to make something for Abby with it.

I added acrylic paint to cover the product information, barcode, etc., then asked Abby to help add some foam flower stickers and some foam letters.

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A while back Abby wrote to her favorite princesses at Disney World and “they” sent her a postcard back, which we framed to hang on her wall.

Princess autographed postcard

When I was in high school I had bought this old magazine page at the mall. I thought it was cool. It is an advertisement for Cinderella out of The Saturday Evening Post from 1949. I kept it, and after I found it in storage, it works well to go with the other decor in Abby’s room.

When I was in high school I took a trip with the Girl Scouts to California, where I bought these porcelain princesses. They are now displayed on a high shelf where they are too high to reach.

My aunt Hope, who is a lover of all things Disney, gave Abby these small statues of Snow White and the seven dwarves. They are also on the shelf with the princesses and Abby’s other special things.

I believe I paid $1.99 for the crystals, $0.65 for the yellow foam letters on clearance, and $2.00 for the small picture frame. I had all the other supplies at home. All in all, I think I did pretty well for decorating Abby’s room for under $5.00, and she absolutely loves it.

Have you gotten crafty and made decorations for your home? I would love to see what you’ve created.


5 thoughts on “Redecorating my Daughter’s Room for Almost Nothing

  1. gabbyabigailll says:

    Awww this is so cute! So nice of you to do this for her. I really love your paintings, you did such a great job. I have to admit that till this day I am still completely obsessed with Disney princesses, haha. So, I can’t blame her for loving them lol!

    Much love always,

  2. Thesacredspaceap says:

    Go you for being creative! It makes your daughters bedroom so much more unique too.
    Thank you for sharing.

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