Random Thoughts II


photo by picjumbo.com

I find it annoying when people say that a dessert is “too rich” or that it is so rich that they can only take a couple bites.  I’ve never felt that way about a dessert in my life.

I left work for lunch today and as I drove back I was contemplating how strange the clouds look today. They really resemble clouds on Monty Python. I keep expecting the clouds to part and the hand of God to poke me in the eye or something Monty Pythonesque.

The other day at work I was wearing heels and as I was walking over the tile near the cafeteria a lady told me that I “walk with authority.”  I told her, “That’s funny because my dad always told me that I stomp like an elephant.”  I don’t think she found it very humorous.

As I waited in the doctor’s office before my appointment,  an old lady wearing a fur coat and pearls was flossing her teeth.  It was weird.

Dear lady expressing breast milk next to me in the lactation area at work: the Spanish telanovella you are watching on your phone is really annoying.  Maybe that’s how you get in the pumping zone; maybe that’s how you keep up on your stories… but they make headphones for a reason.

Last night the baby was wide awake and didn’t want to sleep from midnight to 2:00 a.m.  I figured I would be incredibly tired today,  but I am surprisingly not.  I must be getting used to chronic lack of sleep.

All day long I have been having an internal dialogue about how stressed out I feel and that I want to eat a copious amount of chocolate… and how I really need to lose weight after going clothes shopping last weekend.

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I find it very weird that all the kids I used to babysit are all having kids. It makes me feel old, but at the same time I just had a baby.

On Easter Sunday my parents’ neighbor’s truck caught on fire. My dad, who is a fireman, walked over and put the fire out before the city fire truck responded. It was pretty awesome.


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