Proud Mommy Moment

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I know every parent thinks their child is exceptional, but my kid just absorbs information like a sponge. She is such a smart little thing. I love seeing her grasp a new concept and excitedly talk about what she learns.

My husband and I have been working with Abby to help her learn her numbers and letters. She has been doing great, but I hadn’t realized just how much she has learned until the past week.

Each time she sees letters- on a sign, a T-shirt, the logo on the washing machine, on TV, etc., she tells us what the letters are and a word that starts with that letter, like, “M for Megan!”

Last night as I was cooking supper she was sitting in front of the refrigerator playing with the letters, singing the alphabet song. I asked her if she could spell a word for me and she pulled down all the letters of her name, albeit, she had a couple out of order: ABGIIAL. For a two-year-old, I think that is pretty awesome.

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