Preschool Days

I never attended preschool when I was younger, neither did my husband. It doesn’t seem like it was as big of a thing back then. Now I see several articles a month talking about how preschool is the new kindergarten and how kids who don’t go to preschool often are behind their classmates when starting grade school.

I don’t know if this negative reporting is just a scare tactic or if it is true, but it scared me into wanting to send my child to preschool. She is so intelligent, I want her to love learning, love school, and to not be behind the other children when it is time for kindergarten.

It is amazing how much information kids soak up. They are like little sponges, absorbing all kinds of things.

Abby has just started her third week of preschool, but already she has learned a lot. She has taken to it like a fish to water. Each day she surprises me with something new she knows, like telling me all the days of the week, reciting all of the words to The Pledge of Allegiance, or explaining to me the difference between herbivore and carnivorous dinosaurs.

She has made several new friends and excited each morning to see each of them. In the afternoon she loves to talk about what she and the other students did at school that day.

Since starting preschool, Abby has tried very hard to establish her independence with getting dressed alone in the morning, going potty all by herself, and hanging her jacket and bookbag by herself in the classroom.

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It is a joy to see her having such a good time, growing, and learning each day. I am happy we decided to send her to preschool.


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  1. Candy Keane | Geek Mamas says:

    I didn’t go to preschool either but I remember I wanted to so bad! lol. I couldn’t wait to start school. My son, on the other hand, has to be dragged out the door. But I love the way he always comes home with new things to tell me. They really are little sponges 🙂

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