Preparing for the Easter Egg Hunt

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Each year the hospital where I work has an Easter egg hunt for the employees’ children. Last year was the first year I and my family had attended. It was fun watching Abby look for eggs, but this year will be even better because I know she will really get into it.

This year my department was one of the departments chosen to coordinate all of the planning, purchasing, finding volunteers, and set up for the event. Because I will be bringing my children to participate in the Easter egg hunt and won’t be able to help out during the event, I volunteered to call local businesses to ask for donations.

In the past some local businesses have donated coupons for free ice cream cones. I could have called a couple places that I knew would donate, but I challenged myself to see if I could get enough so that each kid would be able to get something. So, I made a list of restaurants in town and called them all, spending about three hours on the phone. Many of the places declined to donate, but I did have several that agreed to.

This week I went to pick up all the donations and I am excited to say that I collected almost 500 coupons and tokens good for free ice cream cones, free drinks, free tacos, free sub sandwiches, and free kids meals. We ended up having to get extra eggs to add all these to. It makes me feel good to know that there will be a lot of happy kids. I can’t wait!

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