Our First Prenatal Appointment 

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This week marks my 11th week of pregnancy.  I attended my first prenatal visit on Wednesday.  My babysitter’s grandfather passed away, so I had the day off and took Abby to my appointment.  My husband met us there.  

Abby has a severe dislike of doctor visits.  I’m sure most of this comes from getting her immunizations, but they don’t even have to touch her- usually just getting on the scale makes her upset.  She was fine the whole time we were in the lobby, but as soon as the nurse took us back Abby began to cry and did so until I was finished with getting my weight and giving a urine sample.  She wanted to sit on my lap the whole time I was on the exam table.  When the nurse was finished and the doctor came in the room she sat on my husband’s lap, but eventually whined enough for me to hold her that I did.  The doctor left the room so I could change out of my clothes for a pap smear, pelvic exam, and breast exam.  I changed into the charming little sheet like cover and then had my exams and paper smear, during which Abby removed her socks and shoes and threw them on the floor.  Luckily she didn’t scream or act too rowdy, but having a pap smear and pelvic exam is already embarrassing enough, let alone doing it in front of your husband and kid.

Otherwise, my appointment went well.  We were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat, which was 163.  When the nurse was looking for the baby’s heartbeat, my husband asked Abby if she was excited to be a big sister she said, “No!” which made the nurse laugh.  My blood work came back normal, but my platelets were low.  I had gestational thrombocytopenia the last time I was pregnant, so hopefully when they recheck my labs in a few weeks my platelet count will be higher.

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Other than the morning sickness and heartburn, I can’t really tell that I am pregnant. There’s no tangible baby bump yet, but my pants are fitting a bit more snugly.  Now that we’ve had our first visit and heard the heartbeat I suppose it makes the whole pregnancy seem a bit more real. 


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