Not Instaperfect

Ah, Instagram. For the longest time I avoided it. I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about. It seemed like just another app to take up space on my phone and something that I would never use. From what I had heard about it, it also seemed like I was not the target demographic they were aiming for.

When I finally installed the app and created an account I really wasn’t impressed. It seemed like Facebook but without all the Boomers oversharing or sending dumb political stuff and jokes.

Most of the photos I saw were of people in elaborately styled and coiffed, looking fabulous and carefree. The locations in the photos were far away and exotic. There were beautiful scenes that I later found out were mostly staged. There were so many pictures of girls in bikinis that it made me feel bad about myself and tank my self-esteem.

I had heard about “influencers” and all these people becoming famous because of Instagram but didn’t know how, why, or care really. I ended up deleting my account.

As my blog started to grow I knew that I needed to hop on the Instagram bandwagon and use it as a tool to promote my blog and to attract a bigger audience, so I created an account for my blog.

Late to the game, I’ve been trying to learn about Instagram, find like-minded accounts, gain followers, and follow brands that I love.

Slowly but surely I’ve figured it out, but if you look at my feed you will notice something. My account is not what I call “Instaperfect.” I mean, my blog is called Mommin’ in the Real World, after all.

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You won’t see travel photos from faraway locales. You won’t see flat lays of incredible outfits. You won’t see me posing for the camera and trying to look like I am too cool and that I don’t care.

You won’t see an expertly decorated and incredibly organized abode. You will, however, see my (sometimes) messy home with ugly 1980s wallpaper we never were able to finish removing before our kids came along and priorities changed. You’ll inevitably see sippy cups and crumbs and toy explosions.

You won’t see me demonstrating the latest makeup techniques or fitness moves, but you will see me taking selfies with my adorable kiddos and even sharing the double-chinned ones.

You will see me sharing motivational quotes. You will see things I think are funny.

You’ll see my artwork, parts of my day, and my everyday life. You will see me trying to encourage, uplift, and support other mothers.

I do sometimes worry that brands that I may potentially collaborate with with look at my Instagram feed and be like, “Woah, this chick needs to get it together,” and think it doesn’t look professional.

But it doesn’t look professional for a reason – I’m a mom, I am busy, I don’t pay anyone to manage my social media or take my photos, I share the real stuff. I’m mommin’ in the real world every day and I am never going to be Instaperfect, and I’m OK with that.


3 thoughts on “Not Instaperfect

  1. healthyhousewifesite says:

    I’m glad to see more real we in on Instagram! We have magazines and tv for the staged. Fellow moms need to see they aren’t the only ones not living a picture perfect life. Real is beautiful in its own right 💗

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