Newfound Old Bad Poetry

This evening I found some old poetry in a file on my computer that I had completely forgotten about.  I’m not sure when most of these were written, but they span from high school through around 2008 probably.

I know I still have floppy disks with poetry on them, as well, but God knows if that could ever be recovered.  I don’t have a disk port on any of my devices any longer, so they are probably lost to time if they would even still work.  Some of it was written on my family’s old Macintosh, some were done on PCs or iMacs in our high school computer lab, and others were done on the first PC that I bought in my second semester in college.


I picked the best of the bad to share with you; aren’t you lucky?


Think of Me When It Snows

Think of me when it snows

Feel a chill as the night air blows

Can you feel my ache, deep in your bones?

Each flake that falls, a tear for you

Your heart frigid, icy blue

The whispering winds say my name

Winters to pass will bear the same

Bundle warmly against the cold

Snowfall in the pale moonlight

Sleep now, pull your covers tight

Think of me when it snows


Note: I remember the poem above, but I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding it or when I wrote it.


Out of Reach

The dream, the possibility of you and me

Hangs high above my head,

Like an apple on the highest branch

Forbidden fruit

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Oh, so close, but still out of reach

The temptingly sweet, ripe vision

Is all that I want

It is what I hunger for

Just to taste, to touch

To break through the smooth, shiny skin

Devouring the fruit for what it is,

Though the act would forever change the course of



Note: I distinctly remember that this poem was written in high school when I was exasperatingly in love with someone who did not reciprocate those feelings, which pretty much sums up my entire high school life.



Azure clouds, boiling away

Your star is falling

Feel the mountains sway

Like an Incan priestess

Wringing bloodstained hands

You want the world

But you don’t make plans

Read the bones, consult the stones

What do they say?

Change is come, mend your ways!

The time is nigh,

Why do you wait?

Plunge the knife

Seal your fate.


Note: I remember submitting this one to my university yearly poetry magazine as a sophomore.  It was not chosen.


A Broken Heart

This gnawing

This deep ache

This pulsating need

A pain in the flesh

But of the heart

When does it stop?

When does it die?

It stabs

And tears

And rips up my insides

Can you tell? Can you see?

I only loved you

What have you done to me?


Note: This one is obviously bad breakup poetry.


Well, there you go- in reading my selection of bad poetry you’ve gotten a deeper look into the oft-tortured and creative soul of my past.


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7 thoughts on “Newfound Old Bad Poetry

  1. Candy Keane | Geek Mamas says:

    This is too funny – I ran across some old journals from high school filled with angsty teen poetry and was going to post some of them….and now I can’t find the journals! They were very Nine Inch Nails inspired LOL. It’s neat to find old writing stuff 🙂

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