New Treadmill, New Monday, New Start

I know this is most likely not interesting to anyone but me…

But I got a treadmill!

I have been wanting one at home for years and I finally have one. My husband deserves an enormous ‘thank you!”

So, you can see I was enjoying using it this morning. I actually was able to get myself out of bed at 4:30 a.m. and go down to the basement. I watched my “treadmill show,” Arrow, and had the baby monitor at hand.

The best part was that I actually remembered to set the timer on the coffee maker last night- so I was able to get a workout and a quiet, interruption free cup of coffee before everyone else woke up this morning.

Now I just need to put blinders on to ignore the amazingly fantastic peanut butter sheet cake that my mom baked for my birthday and sent home with me yesterday!

I will write more about my great birthday weekend and also share the recipe for the peanut butter sheet cake later.

Happy Monday!

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