New Series: The Prioritizing Self-care, Health, and Wellbeing Challenge

One of my personal resolutions and goals for this year is to spend more time on my own wellbeing, health, and self-care.

This is an area of my life that I tend to put on the back burner most of the time in order to take care of other things. Unfortunately, my stress, anxiety, and mental health in general all suffer for it.  My family life and relationships probably do too.

Like so many other mothers out there, there is rarely a pause in my day for myself. We go and go and go until we can go no more. Our priorities are taking care of our families, our relationships, our careers, our homes, and more.

My own personal example comes from last Wednesday:
I had a schedule full of meetings and appointments. I started the day waking up to day 3 of a persistent migraine. I woke everyone in the house and began getting everyone fed, clothed, and ready for school and daycare. Then, I received a text message from my dad telling me that my mom had a rollover accident on black ice during her commute to work. As quickly as I could, I loaded up the kids and headed to drop them off in order to be by my mom’s side.

After she was released from the emergency room, I went to my office to get caught up on what I’d missed. I skipped lunch in order to stay on schedule.

After 5:00 p.m. I picked up the kids, cooked supper, folded laundry, gave the kids baths and put them to bed, tried to take care of my husband who has a cold, and then sat down to work on my blog.

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When I readied myself for bed I realized that the only time I’d had to myself during the whole day was a bathroom break at work. I was exhausted, yet still thinking that I hadn’t unloaded the dishwasher or sat out clothes for the next day’s job interview.

It had been yet another day where I paid no mind to my self-care, mental or physical health, stress release, or the yoga I try to do every morning and night.

How many other moms out there can say that they had an equally busy, stressful, and crazy day as I had? Tons. How many took care of themselves? Probably not many.

I recently came across the WellSeekers website and began to listen to Lucia Nazzaro’s podcast, WellSeekers With Lucia. I love that she is committed to helping others by promoting a holistic approach to better living and social, emotional and mental wellness, prevention, and healing.

This inspired me to create a new weekly series called The Prioritizing Self-care, Health, and Wellbeing Challenge. I’ve set up a plan for the next 30 weeks. Each week I will be choosing one challenge for myself and committing to following through with the challenge for the entire week, and then writing a post about what I learned from each challenge, if I noticed positive results, if I failed, if I need a do-over, if the activity in the challenge will be something I incorporate into my everyday life, or how I would change my approach to the challenge should I do it again.

I will be beginning next week with a meditation challenge: I will incorporate at least 30 minutes of meditation into each day, in various ways. Sounds easy, right? I think it is going to be more difficult than it seems.

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In esch weekly post about my challenge results, I will also be sharing some interesting podcasts and articles I’ve found to be helpful and inspiring. I think you’ll enjoy them too.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey and perhaps try the challenge as well.

Take care of yourself!


2 thoughts on “New Series: The Prioritizing Self-care, Health, and Wellbeing Challenge

  1. Mrs W says:

    This is such a good idea – so important! I always like the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’, and similarly the metaphor of not putting on anyone else’s oxygen mask before you put on your own. You don’t have the resources or energy to help the rest of your family and friends if you haven’t looked after yourself a little bit first. I hope this challenge helps you to find that time and space for yourself 🙂

    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth

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