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Disclaimer: The subscription box I received from P.S. You’re the Best was gifted to me in exchange for an honest opinion. The opinions expressed in my post are those of me and my family only

Subscriptions have long been a favorite gift of mine to give and to receive. As a kid, I would receive Humpty Dumpty or Cricket magazine and loved to read them with my mom and younger sister. Later in middle school and high school, I would always request a subscription to the Discover and The Smithsonian magazines, because I enjoyed reading the science and history articles.

My first experience with a subscription box was using Birchbox, a monthly sample box full of cosmetics, which launched in 2010. I enjoyed Birchbox a lot and did find several products that I either now buy at Sephora in the mall or online from Amazon, but after a year I canceled my subscription because at the time I couldn’t justify the amount I was paying monthly for sample sizes of products.

Since then, the popularity of subscription boxes and the market for them has grown exponentially. According to Clutch, “Today, thousands of subscription box services exist, and Birchbox is now the sixth most-popular subscription box service. From April 2014 to April 2018, the industry¬†grew by 890%.”

Subscription services vary, some featuring monthly shipments, shipments every three months, or every six months. Depending on the subscription one can pay monthly, every six months, or yearly. The prices range from inexpensive for say a monthly new craft pattern, to somewhat expensive for luxury cosmetics, clothing, or jewelry.

So what kind of subscriptions are there?

Many of the most popular subscriptions perform some sort of service, for example delivering weekly meal kits, replacement items such as toothbrush heads or razors, or food and toys for pets. Others may help small businesses spread their products nationwide or introduce buyers with products they may not otherwise be acquainted with.

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With thousands of different types of subscription services and subscription boxes, they’ve proved to be an ideal present for just about anyone with a wide array of interests- and indeed, a gift that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

So who buys subscriptions?

According to Forbes, “Women account for 60% of subscriptions, and men are more likely to have three or more active subscriptions. The median number of subscriptions an active subscriber has is two, and nearly 35% have three or more. Men are more likely than women to have three or more active subscriptions (42% versus 28%).” Also, “E-commerce subscribers are most likely to be 25 to 44 years old, to have incomes from $50,000 to $100,000, and live in urban environments in the Northeastern U.S.” Source: Forbes: The State Of The Subscription Economy, 2018

I am so intrigued by the idea of such an enormous variety of subscription services and subscription boxes that I decided to reach out to several brands and request to review their products. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for an awesome gift idea or the perfect way to treat yourself to a little something special, and I think subscription boxes are the best way to do it!

Review #1

P.S. You’re the Best

My first review is of P.S. You’re the Best.

Kids love mail and they will love receiving a monthly subscription box from P.S. You’re the Best. Not only will they love receiving it, but they will love sending the thoughtful items inside as well.

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P.S. You’re the Best is a box that contains a kit that provides children with everything from envelopes, themed cards, fun-shaped crayons, to the stickers, and stamps to mail their completed work. Boxes ship between the 4th and 6th day of each month. Order by the last day of the month to start your subscription the next month!

The December box from P.S. You’re the Best

My daughter was incredibly excited when we received our box from Amanda at P.S. You’re the Best and she was even more excited once she found out what was inside!

The box was filled with so many fun items: a handwritten card from Amanda, two colorable bookmarks, a wooden gingerbread man Christmas tree ornament, a gingerbread house photo ornament craft kit, Christmas-themed stickers, four crayons in cute shapes, a birthday card & envelope, a thank you card & envelope, a postcard & envelope, and two Christmas cards & envelopes, plus stamps for mailing. Right away she was begging to use the items before I’d had a chance to photograph them.

Coloring a birthday card for Daddy

Abby excitedly colored a birthday card for her dad. Next, she insisted on coloring a Christmas card to mail to her Great Grandma Jean. She colored another for Grandma Melanie and Grandpa John. She added Christmas-themed stickers to the envelopes and was very proud of her work.

Oscar hard at work coloring a bookmark

The bookmarks and wooden gingerbread ornament she and Oscar colored as Christmas gifts for stocking stuffers (so I won’t say who those are for).

Abby’s favorite project, the gingerbread house Christmas tree ornament
Abby’s finished ornament

Abby saved the thank you card to use after Christmas and colored the birthday card for her dad, who’s birthday is right after Christmas.

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What’s the price?

A 1-month subscription is $25.00 per box, paid monthly

A 3-month subscription is $24.50 per box, paid every 3 months

A 6-month subscription is $24.21 per box, paid every 6 months

A year subscription is $24.05 per box, paid every 13 months

My thoughts

This subscription is a lot of fun in a small box. My kids spent hours quietly working on their projects and enjoyed it immensely. I would have gone crazy to receive a box like this every month as a child! My kids adored it and I think yours will too; it is a wonderful gift for any kid who loves arts and crafts. Abby’s already asking when she can get another!

I give it 5 stars!

Visit P.S. You’re the Best’s Cratejoy page here.

The New Years-themed box looks like tons of fun! Photo credit: P.S. You’re the Best

Have you tried a subscription service? Have you used P.S. You’re the Best? If so, I’d love to hear all about it!

Disclaimer: The subscription box I received from P.S. You’re the Best was gifted to me in exchange for an honest opinion. The opinions expressed in my post are those of me and my family only


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