9 Habits for Better Looking Skin

I hit puberty when I was at the end of second grade, so I started getting pimples and greasy hair super early before most of my classmates did. I bemoaned my spotty face for so many years.

Through my adult life I have still dealt with acne but until recently I never really took any steps to care for my skin. One of my recent goals has been to take better care of myself and my skin is part of that goal. I’ve found that several small changes that I’ve made have created a big difference!

You may think, duh, these are no-brainers, Sarah– and you’d be right, but they’ve worked great for me.


No, not the fruit- each night I have been “pineappleing” my hair. In other words, I take a scrunchie and pull it up into a high ponytail so that my hair doesn’t come in contact with my face, keeping hair products and oil from causing breakouts.

Face brush

I bought a facial cleansing brush from Dollar Tree for $1.00. It is pretty much exactly the same as the one below from Amazon, selling for $22.99.

Photo credit: Amazon

I try to gently use it on my face with a facial cleanser (Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is what I’ve used for years) in the shower and I’ve noticed a big difference in how soft my skin feels and how clearer the pores on my nose and chin look.


I started to pay attention to how often I sit with my elbow on my desk or the arm of my chair and rest my face on my palm. I’m sure a lot of germs, dirt, oils, and lotion transferred to my face that way.

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Make a change

I change my pillowcases a couple of times a week so that makeup and oil aren’t rubbing on my face for hours each night.

Find the right products

I went through multiple moisturizers before I found one that didn’t make my face too greasy by mid-morning. I love this hyaluronic acid serum by insta natural. It has made a visible difference in the size of my pores, the beginnings of crepey skin around my eyes, and the frown lines in my forehead.

Photo credit: Amazon

Shampooing more often

I used to shampoo my hair every other day. I would scrunch it in waves the first day and use my straightening brush to quickly fix it the second day, but I noticed that I kept finding clogged pores in hair, especially around my hairline. I also started to wash my hair each day. I will wash and condition my hair first and then wash my face second to remove any conditioner that may build up around my face.

Drink more water

I’ve been pushing my water intake recently and I believe it has made a great difference in my skin, as well as in how I feel.


Find the right birth control or hormonal balance to keep blemishes away. I use a Mirena IUD and have had almost no period breakouts since I had it implanted, whereas with the pill and the patch I would have terrible breakouts when my PMS symptoms would start.

I also noticed a significant decrease in the amount of acne I was having after I finished breastfeeding my children and after I gave birth. Hormones affect so much of our biological processes.

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Wash at night

Admittedly, probably the biggest factor in my skin change has been washing my face at night.

I used to go in spurts of washing my face before bed but I was really pretty lazy about it. If I didn’t wash my face I would use a disposable facial wipe to take off my makeup, but really there have been so many times that I’ve gone to bed without washing my face that it’s ridiculous. I make it a point to do so every night now.

I’ve begun to repurpose the reusable breast pads that I used while nursing to wash my face and they work great. I have several sets like the ones below from Etsy.

What do you do to take care of your skin? Do you use any special products?


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