My Philosophy, in Pictures

Who am I?

What do I believe in?

These questions are hard to answer. And probably take a whole lifetime to figure out.

I know that I don’t know the answers- maybe tiny bits- but in a scale nowhere near entirety. I think anyone who claims to know the answers to these questions is either lying or lives in a very teeny tiny self-constructed, self-contained universe.

Do you think it is something that we really do figure out, or are the answers ever-evolving?

I’ve traveled to twenty different countries and know I have only seen a small portion of this world. I look up at the stars and see the vastness of the universe and feel how miniscule I really am.

I try to be a good human and try to raise good humans. Beyond that, I take it day to day, man.

There are some things I am confident I have learned and feel to be true.

Love who and what you are.

Life is too short to color in the lines and not explore all possibilities.

Some of the hardest parts of life teach us the most.

You only get one life, make it amazing.

True story.

There is always something to be thankful for.

Negativity follows negative people.

The little things are important. Someday you will miss them. And macarons are incredible, just sayin’.

Why aim small? If you’re going to dream, dream fucking BIG.

Make it happen.

CHOCOLATE. Lots of chocolate. Or whatever, you do you, hon.

You will never get it back. Slow down and savor the now.

Seriously, you should have learned this in kindergarten.

Create something beautiful.

Don’t underestimate the power of a kind act.

Don’t close your self off, keep learning, keep growing.

Everybody can use it. Everyone needs it. A lot of people don’t have enough of it. And it’s not super annoying to clean up like confetti is.

Nothing will expand your horizons like exploring the world.

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