My New Favorite Hairstyling Tool

I have a new favorite hairstyling tool. It is the Koolulu Magical Hair Styler 2 in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush.


My mom gave me this brush after she had bought it on Zulily and didn’t care for it. I think she just didn’t give it a chance; my mom is the type person who doesn’t use much in the way of styling tools.

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At first, I was skeptical of how well it would work, as I had tried a Vidal Sassoon round heated brush when I was a teenager. I could never figure out how to use it correctly at the time, but I think the problem was just my general cluelessness about hair and makeup at that age.  I tried using hot rollers for years and could never get the hang of it; I still have two sets but never use them.  For a long time in middle school and into high school, my staple was the medium barrel curling iron because it got that floofy curled and teased big bang look just right.  I even had a cordless curling iron that I would take on the road when I was on the volleyball team, but looking back now I don’t know what good that did because I styled my hair so geeky.

Since I’ve been older and wiser, and more practiced in fixing my hair, I have pretty well stayed with two hairstyles- either mid-length and wavy (I have a natural wave that I usually scrunch with some leave-in conditioner and mousse) or long and straight.  If I straighten my hair, I have been using a CHI hair straightener that functions as both a large barrel curling iron and flat iron. It is a nice tool, but I seem to always have static electricity and hair sticking to my face when I use it. It is a large barrel/wide flat iron, so it is not ideal to use with mid to short length hair.

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The straightening brush features customizable temperature settings and ionic technology to reduce hair frizz. It heats up very quickly and I haven’t noticed any problems with static like using my CHI. The cord is a nice length and has a velcro strap to keep from knotting. The brush looks heavier than I would expect it to be, but it really isn’t that heavy.


It is a wide brush with straight bristles, which I find easy to use to straighten more hair faster.  I like the bristles compared to my flat iron because I feel like it helps keep the hair where I want it on the tool, whereas my flat iron has a slick flat ceramic surface that the hair can slide around on.

I have used the brush to both straighten my hair and straighten plus curl under the ends, both of which have received compliments.  I like curling my hair under sometimes, but I find it to be difficult to manage with a round brush and blow dryer, and I worry about damaging my hair with my large barrel curling iron.  Not to mention, I once got a round brush stuck in my bangs and had to cut it out… I’ve tried not to repeat that mistake at all costs.

With dry hair, using this brush I can style my hair in three minutes or less, which is fabulous.  I have between twenty and thirty minutes to get ready in the morning, from start to finish, so anything that can cut time is awesome in my book.

At the moment I have a bob that does not quite reach my shoulders. If my Mom had given me this product about three weeks earlier than she did, I probably wouldn’t have had around six inches of hair chopped off because of frustration with styling it!

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I was not able to find this exact hair styling brush on Amazon, but I did find several similar options in different price ranges. Check them out!  I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

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Click on the photos below to view more details purchase and on Amazon.


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Photo credit: Amazon

VIKTOR JURGEN Hair Straightening Brush – $17.95

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Photo credit: Amazon

 MiroPure 2-in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush – $52.99


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Photo Credit: Amazon

GeMoor Ionic Hair Straightening Brush – $32.99


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IEFEVIVI Hair Straightener Brush – $31.00


What do you use to style your hair?  Can anyone tell me what I’m forever doing wrong with hot rollers?



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