My Latest Project: a Hair Accessories Holder/Display

Like so many little girls, my daughter has a ton of hair accessories.  Abby was born with a lot of hair, so people have always liked to give her bows and barrettes as gifts.  These have been thrown in a tub in her bedroom or scattered about the house in a very disorganized manner.  As of late I have been on a quest to be more organized, so I decided to create something cute and functional for storing her hair accessories in one central space in her bedroom. 

Supplies needed:

  • Photo display board
  • Buttons
  • Hooks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks

I didn’t start completely from scratch,  instead, I decided to repurpose a photo display board that I used to use as a decoration in my old apartment but hadn’t found a place for in our house after moving.   The board is covered in a yellow shiny satin-like material and yellow ribbon.  Abby has accents of yellow in her bedroom, so the board will work perfectly.

I found buttons that matched colors in her bedroom, pink and turquoise.  These I used to cover the little rivets that hold the ribbons in place in the board.  I used the hot glue gun to secure the buttons.

Abby has a few necklaces so I also added three large hooks to the board, using hot glue.  I placed the hooks close to the bottom so that the necklaces could hang down.

I added Abby’s barrettes.

Now it is hanging in her bedroom.

She loves to run up to it in her room and admire all of her “pretties!”

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I have done a very similar project in the past to display jewelry, but used a heart-shape cut out of plywood, batting, fabric, ribbon, and screw in hooks. I covered the wood with batting and fabric, stapling the fabric to the wood on the back side. I criss-crossed ribbon accross the front, just like on the photo display board, and screwed the hooks in to where the ribbons intersected on the front side.  The end result looked very similar to this project but took much longer to create.​


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