My Five Favorite Podcasts

I love to listen to podcasts in the car, when I am getting ready for work in the morning, or at work using my Bluetooth headphones. It’s my way to catch up on current events, learn something new, or just block out my surroundings and concentrate on work. I listen to all my podcasts using Spotify.

My Favorite Podcasts

Pod Save America


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I love politics (I briefly considered a Political Science major in college) and I love this show. The hosts are friends who previously worked together in the Obama administration. They have the perfect combination of personalities that make topics that could be stodgy and boring entertaining and fun instead. The guests are fantastic, the topics and conversations are engaging, and it always makes me laugh.

Pod Save the World


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Pod Save the World is hosted by Tommy Vietor, one of the hosts of Pod Save America. I like this podcast because it focuses on international politics and foreign policy, covering a wide range of issues but does so without a lot of fluff and in a way that is easy to understand. I totally geek out on this stuff.

Family Secrets


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Dani Shapiro’s Family Secrets is a fascinating series that is all about secrets- paternity, adoption, abuse, and more- and the effect the secrets have on the individual telling the story and their family. It’s kind of like a train wreck you can’t turn away from: I catch myself saying, “Oh my God!” out loud so many times while listening, so I’m sure my coworkers probably wonder about me.

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Captain’s Log


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Captain’s Log: Star Trek Feature Articles in Audio is a fun look at all things Star Trek. It’s great for casual listening. There is a lot of Trek history, like the evolution of Spock’s character and a lot of trivia like how certain actors came to be cast in their iconic roles. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but if you enjoy Star Trek check it out.

The Longest Shortest Time


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The Longest Shortest Time is a great parenting podcast that discusses a wide array of topics related to parenthood and families of all ages and sizes. For moms, dads, and even non-parents, I think you’ll love how the series is informative, touching, and funny too.

What podcasts do you listen to? Comment and tell me. I would love to discover something new to listen to.



2 thoughts on “My Five Favorite Podcasts

  1. WhyMommaWhy says:

    I like listening to funny podcasts about parenthood from the mother’s point of view, so I listen to The Mother Crushers and Take it or Leave it. Both are funny, Take it or Leave it has a more structured format. Both are great for feeling like, as a mother with issues, you’re not alone. I will try out the last podcast you mentioned. Thanks!

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