Mother’s Day Picture Frame Project

My daughter Abby loves to do “projects” and wanted to make something for both of her grandmothers for Mother’s Day.  She is such a sweet girl who loves to make things to give as gifts for everyone.  I receive new drawings or other artwork daily.

During our last trip to Walmart, we found some supplies in the arts & crafts department to put together a Mother’s Day gift for both grandmas.  The price ended up being just under $8.00 total, $7.84 in fact.


  • Wooden frame – $0.96 ea
  • Felt flowers, 10 pc /felt succulents, 10 pc – $2.96 ea
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Plastic sheeting or newspaper

I have a large number of acrylic paints on hand, so that part of our project cost me nothing.  I also had glue sticks, the hot glue gun, plastic sheeting, and paintbrush.

After prepping our painting area with a plastic drop cloth in order to not get paint all over, I let Abby choose the colors she wanted to use. She chose several of her favorite colors and was excited to get started. I used a paper plate as her palette for easy cleanup.

She painted two 4X6 wooden picture frames by Plaid, which I had purchased at Walmart.

After painting, we let the frames dry for a few days.


I separated out the felt flowers and felt succulents by FloraCraft to match complementary colors to each frame.  Next, we positioned the felt flowers in the way that we wanted to attach them to each frame.


I manned the hot glue gun while Abby placed each flower on the dots of glue.  She wanted to use Elmer’s Glue because she uses it in preschool, but I wasn’t sure that the felt would stick to the acrylic paint very well if we did.

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We let the frames cool and voila!

“I’m going to give the purple one to Grandma Karen, ’cause that’s her favoritest color and I am going to give the turquoise one to Grandma Melanie because she loves that color too!  Mom, they turned out flabulous!” Abby said. I think she did pretty fabulous too.  I’m excited to have some photos developed to put in the frames and see the finished product.

Do your littles enjoy making Mother’s Day gifts?  Are you planning any crafts?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

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