Migraines Suck and Naps are Amazing

Yesterday the weather began to change. It became foggy and then rained and hailed. As the day progressed, I started to feel off, as I sometimes do before a migraine. I went through the rest of the day with no problems, but still didn’t feel like myself.


Cue the rain this morning. I woke up with the off feeling again and the feeling of tension at the base of my skull that signals the beginning of a migraine for me. By the time I was finished with showering I was feeling nauseous and sensitive to the bright light of the bathroom. I took my migraine meds and some Zofran for nausea before heading to work.

My office used to be used for reading cardiac imaging studies so there are two sets of lights – florescent lights and dimmable lights. I only use the dimmable ones, which I appreciate greatly in the midst of a migraine. I lowered the lights and changed the brightness and contrast on my computer monitors, but by ten o’clock the glare had become too much and my head was pounding. Reading made me feel like I was going to puke. Dialing into a conference call and trying to keep up with the discussion made me exhausted.

When lunchtime came around I went home and closed my eyes in an effort to get some relief.

I had the whole bed to myself. The room temperature was just right. The sheets were cool and crisp. My bedroom was dark because it was early enough in the day that the sun wasn’t low enough to come in the windows. The house was quiet except for the soft sound of rain outside the window. I splayed my arms and legs out like a starfish and fell asleep.

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It was amaaayyzing!

There was no one sticking their feet in my face.  No one was wiggling or poking me in the eye. No one was whining about not wanting to take a nap.

I slept for four hours. Four magnificent, comfortable, quiet hours. I woke up without a migraine. I felt incredible.

Can this just be my new thing? Can I have a nap each afternoon? I can dream, I can dream.


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