Llamas Llamas in Our Pajamas

All weekend my daughter has asked me every five minutes, “Can we do a project?” She literally poked me awake this morning at 5:00 a.m. to say that I needed to get out of bed because yesterday I promised her that we would make something together today.

I tried to think of something easy and quick to do. My two-year-old still has a cold and has 4 teeth coming in, so he has been tired and clingy, wanting to be held or snuggled all day yesterday, so I figured we may not have too much time to devote to a “project.”

I remembered seeing a cute photo on Pinterest a few days ago with llamas made out of paper plates. I set out to find the photo again. There are many llama activities on Pinterest but I thought the photo below was the cutest.

I located the instructions on the Hamdmade Charlotte website pretty quickly and showed my daughter, who loved it. Ever since we first read Llama Llama Red Pajama and other Llama Llama books she has adored llamas.

Our photo inspiration. Photo credit: Handmade Charlotte. Click the photo to go to the original image/page.

Check out the Handmade Charlotte website to view the original instructions and more adorable photos of her llamas.

Our supplies (used to make two llamas):

1 paper plate
1 piece of cardboard with a white side Glue stick
Washable Crayola markers
Rickrack scraps
Colored pompoms

We did not follow the directions from the website 100%. For safety, instead of using hot glue we used a glue stick. I also used washable markers and rickrack instead of acrylic paints, hoping to reduce the mess my daughter would make.

First, I cut 1 paper plate in half. Next, I cut 2 llama head/neck shapes, 2 head shapes, and 8 leg shapes from my white cardboard.

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We glued a head, tail, and 4 legs to both halves of the paper plate. After the glue had time to set, we flipped over the llama and used markers to decorate. Finally, we used rickrack and pompoms for additional decoration.

Here are our llamas

Abby’s turned out very colorful. She also added a “winter hat and scarf” to keep him warm.
My finished llama. Close to the end I had a crying kid on my lap so it’s not quite as I had envisioned.

This project did not cost us anything, as we made it all with scraps, craft supplies, and a paper plate we already had.

Not too bad for only having one cup of coffee, being in our pajamas, and having a crying kid!

Did you create anything fun today? Have you tried Handmade Charlotte’s llamas?

I would love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Llamas Llamas in Our Pajamas

  1. M says:

    Amazing!!! I love her lama! And how sweet give it a winter hat at scarf to keep it warm!! Well done you surviving a little project on one cup of coffee and a poorly little one! Super mum!!! Xx

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