Little Miss Smartypants

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With the holidays I have been able to spend a lot of time at home one-on-one with Abby.  I get so much pleasure out of watching her and see how much she is learning; it’s amazing, really.  Lately she has been behaving less like a baby and more like a child.  She has begun to play using her imagination.  She walks around saying, “Hawwo,” then babbling and saying, “Bye bye,” on her play cell phone.   She received a tea set for Christmas and has been handing out plates of food and cups of drinks, then pretending to eat or drink.   She has begun recognizing associations.  She loves pointing out “Daddy’s” shoes or “Momma’s” coffee cup.  She says “my daddy.”  When shopping at Walmart the other day she noticed and brought to my attention a package of Annie’s bunny shaped graham crackers, a snack she had enjoyed after receiving it in her stocking at Grandma’s house at Christmas.  Unprompted, she pointed to a large “E” ornament on our Christmas tree and said, “Eeee!”  When I turn on our Xbox to start Netflix or Amazon she points to all the apps and icons needed to access her TV shows.  Last night when I dressed her in her new owl pajamas after her bath she ran around the living room saying,”hoo hoo hoo hoo.”

I love showing her new things or teaching her how to do something for herself like putting together a puzzle or which drawer her clean socks go in.  I love seeing the look on her face whether figures out something or when she tries to show off a new skill.  She gets so excited and acts so proud.

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Soon enough I’m sure our roles will be reversed and she’ll be showing me how to do something elementary on my computer or using team viewer to solve a problem as I do for my parents.  She’ll be rolling her eyes and saying, “Duh, Mom!” when I obviously don’t understand and Little Miss Smartypants does.  Right now I am happy to watch her learn.


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